Elite Wins TMA's 2024 Monitoring Technology Marvel Award! (Click here for full details)
Elite Wins TMA's 2024 Monitoring Technology Marvel Award! (Click here for full details)

Proven results make Elite the unrivaled crime prevention solution for any commercial enterprise.

Leading brands that put their trust in Elite include:

Elite’s exceptional crime prevention is enabled through four essential elements.

Proprietary engineered blend of 16 essential elements — including video analytics, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity — filters out the “noise” to zero in on actual events monitored 24/7 via state-of-the-art, fully redundant UL Security Operations Command Center.

Due to trusted relationships and endorsements from law enforcement — including an in-house Law Enforcement Advisory Board and FBI-LEEDA support — SOCC calls are given priority response that helps officers be safer and achieve detainments and arrests.

Specially trained former law enforcement and military agents who are experts at responding in real-time to incidents and diffusing situations through live voice-down interactions — preventing or stopping criminal activity 96% of the time.

As the remote guarding originator, since 2007 Elite has reimagined proactive security and refined best practices — from system design and deployment to monitoring and response — to its current state of crime prevention perfection and total customer satisfaction.

Leading-Edge Remote Guarding in Action

See how Elite seamlessly brings it all together for unsurpassed crime prevention.

Comparison clearly shows why Elite’s remote guarding is the optimal security solution.

Drawbacks of security guards

Shortcomings of
surveillance systems

Advantages of Elite remote guarding

Drawbacks of security guards

Physical limitations
Can only be in one place at a time.

Functional limitations
Typically restricted to observe & report rather than engagement.

People’s attention wanders during periods of low activity or overnight.

Averages $30-$40/hour or about $7,000/month.

Staffing problems
Often entry-level employees with little supervision and high turnover.

Prone to compromise or illicit actions for personal gain.

Shortcomings of surveillance systems

Diminished effectiveness
Once a deterrent that drove criminals to unprotected properties, the ubiquity of cameras has resulted in their disregard.

Inadequate design
Many systems don’t account for camera placement, obstructions, lighting and other issues, or post-installation changes.

Poorly maintained
Cameras and recording systems are often not regularly serviced or updated and commonly fall into disrepair.

Video overload
The number of cameras now deployed is far too vast for humans to actively view or later review recorded footage.

Reactive rather than proactive
With police spread too thin, cameras have become a reactive solution to retrieve footage after the fact, hoping it might lead somewhere.

Advantages of Elite remote guarding

More from cameras
Leverages existing or additional nonproprietary cameras to gather video data and link together via site maps for situational awareness.

Proven results
These situations are successfully resolved by an agent 96% of the time, with more than 50,000 annual crime preventions and daily activity reports available to customers.

Fortified with intelligence
16 layers of sophisticated technologies including AI, machine learning, military-grade analytics and cybersecurity filter out non-events and false alarms.

More efficient & cost effective
Augments or replaces guards with smarter and cheaper alternative; cuts legal and insurance expenses due to less liability exposure and loss claims.

Proactive protection
From an advanced command center, expert agents assess alerts in real-time, using an onsite speaker to voice-down warnings in an average time of 7 seconds. Proven results These situations are successfully resolved by an agent 96% of the time, with more than 50,000 annual crime preventions and daily activity reports available to customers.

Comprehensive solution
End-to-end approach, from consultation to site survey to forensic design to pro installation to 30-day calibration period to ongoing support and maintenance.

Priority police response
Due to high trust relationship maintained by a dedicated advisory board, for the 4% of time a suspicious person does not leave the scene, law enforcement arrives on the scene prepared for a crime in progress and ready to detain and arrest suspects.

No competition
Other providers use motion detection with cameras and prerecorded messages via third-party monitoring centers, which can’t compare to filtering through myriad layers of highly calibrated technology and agents responding to real events in real-time.

Elite responds to many thousands of incidents like these
throughout the year — preventing crime 96% of the time
and assisting police in 4% of cases, often leading to
detainments or arrests.

Vehicle Storage

Multifamily Housing



No one can match Elite’s well documented track record of crime prevention success and positive security outcomes.

Annual Security Operations Command Center (SOCC) voice-down crime preventions
5 years
Five straight years higher event volume, crime preventions, police detainments & arrests
7 seconds
Average SOCC incident response time
of incidents resolved by SOCC agents
annual detainments & arrests from police department calls
False alarms
worth of total assets protected
15 states
Nationwide service, with
customers protected in
15+ states