Protecting Houses of Worship

These days, houses of worship such as churches, mosques and synagogues are under severe threat of attack. Is there anything they can do to reduce the chances of an attack? In fact, there is. Security can be improved by following simple prevention tactics that make it much harder for crime to occur in the forms of violence, trespassing, vandalism, and beyond. With that in mind, here are some ways to protect houses of worship and prevent crime on their properties.

1. Control Access To Your Property:

You have power to decide who gets into your house of worship and how:

  • Try to limit the number of entry points during non-worship hours to limit unauthorized access
  • Assign designated entrances for people during business hours
  • Monitor staff entry points to prevent unauthorized access
  • Ensure security patrols are conducted regularly to avoid compromised access
  • Regularly audit badges and keys to ensure access to sensitive areas are accounted for

Security Camera at mosque synagogue church

2. Strictly Control Administrative Access:

Keep a close watch on who has access to the administrative areas inside your mosque, synagogue, or church:

  • Strictly control access to administrative areas
  • Discuss sensitive issues in private areas with video surveillance
  • Strictly control access to senior leadership
  • Ensure your house of worship has an emergency management plan in place
  • Regularly review security components in place at your church, synagogue, or mosque

3. Exterior Locations:

Posting signs around your synagogue, mosque, or church can greatly deter potential criminal activity. Be sure to post signage that clearly states any intruders or trespassers are being watched and monitored by video surveillance cameras.
houses of worship security sign

4. Public Areas:

Additionally, it is important to set up a notification system to alert visitors and staff in case something does go wrong. Be prepared for situations ahead of time to have more control over potentially threatening situations in the future.
Active shooters at mosques synagogues churches

5. Connect with Local law Enforcement

Make sure your local sheriffs and police are familiar with your house of worship. Having a point of contact is useful for both sides and helps build positive relationships within the community.
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