5 Ways Remote Guarding Is Revolutionizing Monitoring Business Security

This proactive approach prevents crime, improves law enforcement response and reduces liability.   


By Scott Goldfine


Every day, more and more business owners are discovering the extensive benefits of remote guarding systems. Unlike traditional security systems and monitoring center methods, this innovative solution actually helps prevent property and other types of crime before it starts, as opposed to only providing footage of what happened after the fact. 


By combining proven system design practices, strategically placed surveillance cameras, specially tuned military-grade analytics and artificial intelligence, high-end cybersecurity, highly trained command center agents experienced in diffusing threat or crime situations, and a tight, trusted relationship with law enforcement, remote guarding solutions are dramatically improving security levels across multiple industries and organizations. 


Remote guarding is the realization of the dream of providing true security — with monitoring center response in seconds that prevents crime, eliminates false alarms and brings priority police response when necessary. For dealers and integrators, this impressive offering can not only make them a hero to their customers but also dial them into new streams of recurring monthly revenue (RMR). 


So how exactly does remote guarding work? What are the specific ways in which this paradigm-shifting solution is supporting healthy and profitable business growth? This article breaks down five leading benefits of switching from a traditional security solution to a customized remote guarding alternative.


  1. Lowers Long-Term Crime Rates

Over time, the installation of remote guarding systems has been shown to have a positive effect on long-term crime rates. This can be attributed to the tremendous increase in difficulty levels for criminals trying to bypass the security solution installed on the property. 


As the months go by, local criminals attempt to break into the protected facility less and less. This has been proven through a sizeable sampling size of data compiled by Elite Interactive Solutions, a leading remote guarding services provider whose security operations command center is headquartered in downtown Los Angeles. The company’s findings have demonstrated dramatic drops in the number of voice-downs required from command center agents to ward off trespassers during extended periods, such as a 12-month timeframe.


  1. Reduces Liability and Risk Levels

Another important benefit of remote guarding systems is the reduction in risk and liability levels they bring. Today’s high-tech “digital guards” are capable of alerting human security agents of any unwanted activity on a property. A combination of primarily fixed as well as select PTZ cameras in and around the perimeter of the end customer’s facility record 24/7 as well, making sure to capture any high-risk or vulnerable areas, in particular. All of this becomes very useful information when any sort of theft, accident or dispute occurs within the organization.

Normally, there is a lack of evidence when an employee, customer or visitor makes a claim and sues the organization. Having high-quality video footage can be enormously helpful in resolving these issues and avoiding fraudulent lawsuits. Insurance companies can also give discounts to organizations that install remote guarding security systems, as they know the risk levels for securing that organization go down significantly.


Businesses can save significantly on legal expenses, insurance costs and prevent significant theft by installing a remote guarding security solution on their premises.


  1. Identifies and Protects Vulnerable Areas

Oftentimes, criminals are able to break into businesses because of poorly protected “weak spots” around the property. These may be places where camera coverage skips, or perhaps a hole in the fence that grants access to a restricted area. Professional criminals are obviously experts at exploiting these weaknesses and using them for their greatest benefit. 


Thankfully, remote guarding security systems work to address these concerns immediately. 


“One of the first steps Elite consultants take is a forensic analysis of the property to identify any vulnerable areas and options to secure those spots as effectively as possible,” says Elite Interactive Solutions (EIS) CEO and Founder Aria Kozak, who has been dubbed “The Father of Remote Guarding.” “In this area, remote guarding expertise comes into play and helps Elite engineer the perfect security blueprints for each facility.” 


  1. Builds Relationships With Local Law Enforcement

Having a great relationship with local law enforcement agencies can be incredibly beneficial to a business. Thus, when choosing a remote guarding services provider, select one that places emphasis on this dynamic and that has demonstrated commitment and success in this critical area. EIS, for example, works hard to establish and maintain strong relationships with law enforcement agencies around the country by providing essential assistance to officers. 


Remote guarding solutions actually lower false alarms significantly (and potentially eliminate them entirely), helping to free up law enforcement resources for more important incidents. Additionally, remote security agents can work hand-in-hand with officers to make sure they are safe when responding to crimes at a facility. They are able to provide the criminal’s location and inform the officer whether or not they have a weapon. 


This valuable collaboration makes a big difference to a business’ security, as officers know that a call from their property is definitely something serious and not a false alarm.

  1. Provides Peace of Mind During Overnight Hours

Overnight security can bring a lot of stress and anxiety to business owners and managers. Their property is vulnerable to attack during the dark of night and they may show up at work tomorrow to a terrible incident. False alarms during the night can also cause unwanted and unnecessary responses at times of rest. 


Remote guarding security systems are incredible at resolving these issues and restoring peace of mind to business owners. Monitoring command center agents remain on alert throughout the night and work with onsite “digital guards” to get rid of trespassers and prevent crime from occurring. Any incidents that do occur are handled thoroughly by the agents, and law enforcement if necessary. In the morning, business owners can receive a daily activity report that shows any incidents that may have occurred during the night.

In conclusion, remote guarding security systems provide a lot of important benefits for businesses around the country. Partnering with the right provider in this area can deepen the relationship and regard security dealers and integrators have with their commercial customers, as well as generate additional RMR. Proactive crime prevention is now possible when a security solution is able to effectively reduce liability levels, improve law enforcement partnerships and provide peace of mind. 

About the Author: Scott Goldfine is an Industry Hall of Famer with more than 25 years’ experience writing about leading security business and technology trends and opportunities for the dealer and integrator channel. He currently serves as Marketing Director for Elite Interactive Solutions (eliteisi.com) and can be reached at sgoldfine@eliteisi.com.

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