What exactly is a Remote Guarding security solution & why should hotels pay attention?

Essentially, a Remote Guarding security solution turns passive security cameras into active and intelligent ‘Digital Guards’, alerting agents to intrusions or trespassers. Agents are located in a secured and centralized command center. They warn intruders via loudspeakers and camera controls to leave the property at once. If intruders persist, agents call local law enforcement and guide them to the suspect. Hotel Remote Guarding is proven to reduce criminal activity over time. Law enforcement agencies appreciate the crime prevention results remote guarding delivers. It also brings peace of mind to property managers, security directors, guests, employees, and neighboring communities.
With that overview, here are 6 reasons why hotel Remote Guarding is the next great hotel security investment:

1. Tailor-Made Security: Identify Vulnerabilities

Remote Guarding solutions start with the provider completing a forensic analysis of the hotel property. This identifies vulnerable areas and ensures security tools are being used in the most efficient and effective manner. Doing so helps avoid unnecessary equipment purchases and builds a custom system for each property.
hotel security system consultation monitoring system

2. Preventing Hotel Theft

Hotel Remote Guarding solutions help deter theft from vulnerable areas such as exercise facilities, spas, meeting rooms, art galleries and outdoor lounges. Indoor ‘Digital Guards’ and administrative cameras protect supply rooms and inventory from internal theft by employees and staff. Recorded video footage can be used by management to verify conflicting reports around incidents and help hotels avoid frivolous lawsuits.

3. Keeping Out Trespassers

Hotel guests and staff want to feel safe and secure. Remote Guarding is the perfect tool to keep trespassers off premises and out of restricted areas, as it creates a geo-fence around the hotel property. Digital Guard cameras and highly trained security agents provide multiple layers of protection that deter intruders and keep them away for good. Consequently, the hotel perimeter is always under the watchful eyes of RG cameras, which constantly monitor parking lots, common walking areas, and dark zones. By hardening the perimeter, hotels can ensure guests have peace of mind during their stay and want to return.

4. Access Cameras Anywhere Anytime

Remote Guarding makes it possible to check in on your properties from a computer or smartphone anywhere at anytime. This makes it possible to audit hotel operations without having to be physically on the premises.
Security Camera for hotel

5. More Economical & More Effective

Not only does Remote Guarding improve a hotel’s overall protection levels, it is also a very economical security solution. RG technology makes it possible for hotels to lower or even eliminate the number of security guards on patrol. Doing so also lowers the hotel’s liability levels in case a security guard gets injured or killed on the job. RG also drastically reduces false alarms which can help hotels cut back on security labor costs.

6. Track Delivered Packages

Remote Guarding cameras can help identify incidents in the process of shipping and receiving packages. For example, if a package is dropped, the footage can help identify who was at fault. Additionally, footage can help track lost packages by linking when a package was signed for with proof of where it went. This can be particularly helpful during trade shows when exhibitors ship many packages and materials to the hotel.
Remote Guarding Command Center hotel security
In conclusion, there are many benefits to installing Remote Guarding technology on hotel properties. This innovative security solution is creating safer hospitality spaces while reducing overall security costs.
For more information on hotel security, contact Jordan Lippel at jlippel@eliteisi.com