Elite Wins TMA's 2024 Monitoring Technology Marvel Award! (Click here for full details)
Elite Wins TMA's 2024 Monitoring Technology Marvel Award! (Click here for full details)

Elite Interactive Solutions was founded in 2007 by current CEO Aria Kozak, who is often referred to as “The Father of Remote Guarding.” Elite is a real-time crime prevention provider incorporating leading-edge technologies including custom-calibrated video analytics and artificial intelligence, highly skilled Security Operations Command Center (SOCC) agents, and trusted law enforcement partnerships. Services span system design, installation, monitoring and maintenance for myriad vertical markets including commercial, multifamily housing, auto dealerships, shopping centers and campuses.

With its primary offices and state-of-the-art, UL-Listed SOCC located in downtown Los Angeles, the company currently employs more than 70 people and provides premium service to thousands of clients nationwide in more than a dozen states. Elite’s deep ties to the first responder community are evidenced by its endorsement by the prestigious FBI-LEEDA organization and the institution of a Law Enforcement Advisory Board (LEAB) within the company comprised of former high-ranking law enforcement professionals.

Elite’s approach to and success in crime prevention emanates from Kozak’s life experiences and lifelong commitment to preventing nefarious acts and capturing criminals. He dedicated himself to the security industry after completing a distinguished tour of duty in the Israeli military and then migrating to the United States.

From 1976 to 1990, he founded and built Universal Alarm Systems into one of the nation’s largest and most successful burglar alarm and armed guard response companies. He sold Universal to ADT in 1990, remaining as a consultant. At the time of the sale, the company included one of America’s most sophisticated UL-Listed central monitoring stations. In 1996, Kozak launched a high-end integration firm called IntelliSec that engineered, installed, monitored and serviced a variety of highly complex projects.

In 1999, Kozak accepted a partnership investment by a New York-based venture capital group to lead its efforts to acquire and consolidate other integration companies, with a goal to grow IntelliSec into one of the U.S.’ largest Integrators. While retaining 33% of IntelliSec holdings, he left the company in 2002, founding Elite a few years later.

Elite’s impressive operational metrics, many of which are not found elsewhere within the security industry, include:

$1Trillion+ worth of total assets protected
7 second average incident response time
96% of crimes resolved by SOCC
Zero false alarms
Priority police response
99% customer retention

Elite Interactive Solutions Milestones

  • 2007

    Installed first Elite remote system

  • 2008

    2008 Opened its first secure datacenter

  • 2009

    Improved video analytics to significantly reduce false positives

  • 2010

    Partnered with OEMs to develop AI software and cameras

  • 2011

    Moved to a larger facility in a secure data center; the SAS 70 certified building exceeds Sarbanes-Oxley & HIPAA standards

  • 2013

    Received award from FBI-LEEDA and established LEAB

  • 2015

    Designed state-of-the-art commercial and command control software

  • 2016

    Became first UL-Listed Remote Guarding Center, and established credit facility with CIBC bank

  • 2017

    Received equity investment from The Beekman Group

  • 2019

    Recipient of Police Dispatch Quality Award a high-profile security industry honor

  • 2022

    2022 Recorded a 40% increase in revenues for the year

  • 2023

    Realized fifth straight year of both increased crime preventions & detainments/arrests

  • 2024

    Won TMA Monitoring Technology Marvel Award; Ranked No. 31 on SDM 100; Founder Aria Kozak elected to Industry Hall of Fame; Won SAMMY Award for Best Sales Brochure; Named Police Dispatch Quality (PDQ) Award Runner-up