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What We Do

Our Remote Guarding (RG) solutions combine people, processes, and technology to provide high quality security for places where people shouldn’t be. We do this by turning passive security cameras into active and intelligent “Digital Guards”, capable of alerting human security guards of any intruders or trespassers. Our highly trained security agents (located remotely in our centralized command center), use cameras and audio speakers located on site, to get rid of intruders and contact local law enforcement if necessary.

In fact, Remote Guarding helps eliminate false alarms and criminal activity over time, while improving our client’s relationships with local law enforcement. Daily security reports and video footage are provided to our customers, serving as excellent tools to help them lower liability levels, investigate incidents, and avoid lawsuits.

Established in 2007, Elite Interactive Solutions is the leader in the Remote Guarding and Video Monitoring Industry, directing nationwide operations from its state of the art command center in Los Angeles, California.

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Elite serves a variety of markets in many different industries, and we can help any business located within the United States. Click here to view some of our industries, along with states we currently have clients in.

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Learn more about the security industry and how Remote Guarding is helping push the envelope in crime prevention and innovative solutions.

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Live Arrest Gallery

Watch numerous examples of criminals being thwarted by Elite’s proprietary remote guarding system. From arson attempts to break-ins to car thieves, our clients are protected against any and all crimes.

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Is Elite better than the competition? This tool helps you to compare Elite to other similar remote guarding companies. Click below to get started.

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