Adapting Security Protocols for the Changing Season

By Scott Blakeman (, V.P. Elite Security Solutions

As the seasons change, property owners / managers must adapt their security protocols to address the unique challenges presented by summer and winter conditions. From increased outdoor activities in summer to the risk of frozen pipes in winter, a proactive approach to security is essential year-round. In this article, we will discuss how to transition your security protocols effectively for each season.

Summer Security Transitions

  1. Outdoor Surveillance

With longer days and warmer weather, outdoor activities typically increase during the summer months. Enhance your property’s outdoor surveillance by reviewing camera angles and ensuring adequate coverage of high-traffic areas. Pools are a particular area of concern. Surveillance helps keep non-residents off your property and out of your amenity spaces. Lighting is a critical element to your physical security and safety. Consider installing additional lighting including motion-sensor lights to deter intruders and improve visibility during nighttime hours.

  1. Access Control

As doors and windows are more likely to be left open for ventilation in summer, it is crucial to reinforce access control measures. Regularly check the integrity of locks and latches and consider installing window and door sensors linked to your security system for added protection. Many access control systems integrate with your camera system to provide even more information regarding visitors to the property. Educate residents & tenants on the importance of securing entry points when leaving the property unattended. Wait for doors & gates to close and be secure before leaving the area.

  1. Property Maintenance

Summer is an ideal time for property maintenance tasks that contribute to security. Trim overgrown vegetation near windows and doors to eliminate potential hiding spots for intruders. Ensure that fences and gates are in good condition and repair any damaged areas to maintain perimeter security.

  1. Remote Monitoring

Take advantage of remote monitoring technology to keep an eye on your property, especially overnight or while away during the summer. Invest in smart security systems that allow you to access live camera feeds. Professional monitoring firms do this well and proactively prevent crimes before they happen. They also engage law enforcement when situations escalate.

In Conclusion . . .

Adjusting security protocols for your property for summer requires careful planning and a proactive stance.  By addressing seasonal risks such as increased outdoor activities in summer, pool safety and security, increased lighting, and adjustments to monitoring hours due to longer daylight hours, property owners & managers can better protect their properties and tenants year-round. Stay vigilant, stay informed about seasonal security challenges, and adapt your security protocols accordingly to maintain a safe and secure environment for your property.

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