PRevent Crime at your auto dealership

Elite Interactive remote guarding employs AI-driven technology, highly trained personnel and partnerships with local police to prevent theft at car dealerships.

Stop Crime at Your Auto Dealership and Protect Revenues

There were 810,400 vehicles stolen in 2020, totaling about $7.4 billion in vehicle thefts. Vehicle theft is up 11.8% since 2019.  Compounding the outright theft of autos is the new wave of auto part thefts, particularly of catalytic converters thefts which jumped from 1,298 in 2018 to a staggering 14,433 in 2020 – a crime that can take as little as 30 seconds to take place.

 A large majority of these thefts take place at car dealers, who suffer substantial financial losses as the result of stolen cars and parts, lost personnel time, rising insurance costs and more. Any way you add it up, it totals a loss of sales and revenue.

Theft and vandalism have been longstanding challenges for auto dealers, as car thieves have become increasingly brazen in their attempts to 
break-into and steal entire vehicles or critical components, rendering vehicles un-sellable. And when this happens during peak sales promotions supported with ad dollars to drive customer traffic, and inventory is unavailable, both your finances and reputation suffer.

Unfortunately, the deterrence factor of video surveillance cameras doesn’t seem to be effective these days with criminals realizing they are purely reactive solutions. Security guards don’t seem to provide much of a deterrent either as they can only be in one place at a time and often lack the training and skillsets to stop vehicle and parts thefts before they happen or while they are occurring. And when security guards are distracted with everyday activities like using the restroom or getting coffee, unmonitored cameras are ineffective.

Elite Interactive offers a unique remote guarding solution – combining the unique combination of advanced AI-driven video technologies with highly
trained security manpower and partnerships with local law enforcement.

Elite Interactive Remote Guarding employs military derived AI technology that detects people and vehicles on your auto dealership property and automatically sends an alert to our state-of-the-art command and monitoring center where highly trained former military/law enforcement agents view what is happening in real-time. If a suspicious person or activity is observed, our personnel address the individual(s) over a two-way security audio system alerting them they are being watched and requesting them to leave immediately. And if the activity indicates that an imminent crime or threat is occurring, the police are immediately notified to respond. This sequence of events has proven to be most effective in preventing up to 96% of crimes without involvement from law enforcement while protecting assets, sales and revenues, and preventing financial loss.

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Partners with Your Local Police

Elite Interactive also goes the extra mile for auto dealerships with its unique Law Enforcement Advisory Board. By partnering with the local law enforcement agency specifically located in the town where your business operates, Elite Interactive ensures that your business receives priority police response for crimes in-progress. Law enforcement personnel also benefit from this by being provided details on activity before they arrive, which helps reduce potential harm and eliminate costly false alarms.

    A 100% Proactive Physical Security

    This unique combination of advanced technology, highly trained personnel and partnerships with local police departments is transforming and revolutionizing the security, guarding and monitoring industries from being reactive to 100% proactive. A holistic security and asset protection solution, Elite Interactive’s services…

    • Eliminate vulnerabilities and mitigate risks
    • Reduce manned guard expenses and management
    • Increases situational awareness across entire properties
    • Ensures immediate pre-emptive action to stop impending threats
    • Virtually eliminates costly false alarms to launch immediate police response

    Award Winning Security and Protection

    Elite Interactive is the only remote guarding company to win the Police Dispatch Quality award which was established by the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC) and Security Sales & Integration magazine and endorsed by the Partnership for Priority Verified Alarm Response (PPVAR) and Installation Quality (IQ) program. This initiative was created to raise industrywide awareness, promote partnering with responding agencies for public safety, motivate alarm companies to take action and provide workable models. Another exclusive Elite Interactive advantage!

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