On April 11, 2016 at 9 PM a highly trained agent sits at his interactive monitoring station in a secured underground command center in Los Angeles, California. Agent 95 is ex-military and a highly trained agent for Elite Interactive Solutions (https://eliteisi.com/), the industry leader in remote guarding. Elite protects and enhances safety and the quality of life around commercial and public properties throughout the United States. Agent 95 and his fellow agents sit at their stations managing security events. They use proprietary processes, video systems and military grade software to protect billions of dollars worth of high-value commercial assets in their quest to prevent crime and increase safety.
Suddenly Agent 95 receives a breach alert image from a Los Angeles auto dealership. Within seconds, the guard goes to live video to verify the breach and zero in on the intruder. He quickly engages the intruder and tells him he is being video recorded and must leave the premises immediately. Though 97% of the time intruders race away, this one persists. The agent, tracks the hooded man’s every move, as he places a suspicious object under the driver side of a vehicle. The intruder turns to leave, even acknowledging the voice down as he departs. He seems unaware of the high-definition video that has captured his every move and feature.
Agent 95 quickly patches through to both the LA police and fire departments, where he communicates with dispatch as a trained, live eye-witness to a crime in progress. The LA Fire Department arrives within minutes, followed shortly thereafter by officers from the Los Angeles Police Department.
The agent remains live with both the police and fire department, directing them to the location of the car where they put out the fire long before it engulfs the car, and other vehicles and structures. The agent’s full description and whereabouts of the intruder enable the officers to quickly locate and arrest the arson suspect. The agent sees the officers on the phone with him. They line up the suspect in front of the cameras and request a positive ID of the person as responsible for the fire. Agent 95 confirms the identity of the suspect, and closes the security event loop within minutes of the original breach.
Agent 95 contacts the property owners and informs them of the incident. Agent 95 types up the notes, which include video and audio assets from the remote guarding system, and details every aspect of the event. He uses special command and control software to ensure the chain of evidence remains intact for reviewing and eventually prosecuting the crime. Agent 95 closes the event ticket and resumes his vigil.
Just another night shift at Elite ISI. The arson video is available on YouTube at https://youtu.be/0Gm_9RY-Pgo.