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Remote Guarding Leader’s Critical Role in Arrests & Detainments Is Up 10%

LOS ANGELES, October 2, 2023 — Elite Interactive Solutions (EIS), the pioneer in guard replacement services using proprietary intelligence and 100% verified police calls, announces its industry-leading remote guarding services are impacting crime prevention at a record pace through the first three quarters of 2023. 

As of Sept. 29, Elite’s Security Operations Command Center (SOCC) had directly prevented more than 53,000 incidents since the beginning of the year and teamed with law enforcement in nearly 1,300 other active situations that resulted in suspects being detained or arrested 61% of the time. Tracked during the past nine months, those figures have already surpassed any prior 12-month period — meaning Elite will shatter its previously impressive crime prevention accomplishments.  

“Not only are Elite’s industry-leading crime prevention numbers up across the board, but our detainments and arrests percentage has risen 10% and is on pace for an all-time high,” says EIS Security Director Noel Delgado. “This shows police officers are getting to our calls quicker and making contact with subjects on property. On top of that, our SOCC’s voice-down numbers have improved significantly. 

“These amazing results are a testament to the hard work and dedication of Elite’s technology team, as well as our Law Enforcement Advisory Board [LEAB] reaching out to agencies to achieve faster response times and educate law enforcement about Elite’s true crime prevention objectives.”

Elite’s LEAB is comprised of former high-level law enforcement officials who recognize EIS’ unique capabilities to help first responders do their jobs more effectively and safely. The firm’s professional relationships and endorsements with law enforcement include FBI-LEEDA, one of the nation’s most respected organizations. 

Elite is the first U.S. security company to eliminate false alarms for their customers, an additional tremendous benefit to responding agencies. In all, with a steady upward trajectory since 2019, Elite has more than doubled the total volume of events and voice-down crime preventions handled within its state-of-the-art SOCC.

About Elite Interactive Solutions

Elite Interactive Solutions is a remote guarding pioneer and leader in offering security solutions that provide clients with dramatically more effective security at greatly reduced costs when compared to traditional guard services. The proprietary combination of systems and processes helps clients avoid losses and set new standards in crime prevention. To learn more about Elite Interactive Solutions, visit eliteisi.com.

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