January 31, 2018
El Segundo, CA

Elite Interactive Solutions hosted community leaders from law enforcement and business at an interactive lunch and learn highlighting the latest security innovations, mainly the field of Remote Guarding. Law enforcement professionals from many parts of Los Angeles were present, representing different police departments from areas such as El Segundo, Redondo Beach, Inglewood, and Culver City. It was important for these officers to learn how innovations in the security industry are having a positive overflow effect on their efforts out in the field.

Former El Segundo Police Chief Mitch Tavera kicked off the event by talking about how revolutionary Remote Guarding is for law enforcement agencies across the country. The innovations in this new industry impressed him enough to join Elite Interactive Solutions as their law enforcement liaison, in order to spread the word among current law enforcement professionals.

Officers eating at table

Law enforcement professionals enjoy pizza during Elite’s interactive Remote Guarding lunch and learn

Business professionals in the area also showed up to learn how they could lower their operation and security costs by upgrading their current security solutions. Representatives from major corporations such as Enterprise, Boeing, and The Aerospace Corporation all reserved a spot at the informative lunch and learn. By integrating Remote Guarding into their security plan, organizations have shown significant reduction in trespassing, theft, violence, and vandalism on their properties.
Business professionals from the South Bay area enjoying their meal and conversation

Business professionals from the South Bay area enjoying their meal and conversation

Elite’s team of security consultants was present to answer any questions attendees had about how Remote Guarding benefits their organization. They spent time reviewing each organization’s specific security needs and advising them on how their situations could improve by implementing various changes. Elite’s Remote Guarding solutions focus on proactive crime prevention, to stop criminals in their tracks. To date, Elite has helped prevent nearly 80,000 crimes and partnered with law enforcement agencies to bring in over 1,200 arrests.
South team ground level

Elite security consultants were on hand to answer any questions attendees had about Remote Guarding security solutions for their organization

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