Elite Interactive’s Law Enforcement Advisory Board Leads the Charge for Remote Crime Prevention Partnerships

Advocacy Work Strengthens Understanding with Police Departments Ensuring Priority Response

Los Angeles, California – March 7, 2023 – Elite Interactive Solutions, the pioneer in guard replacement services using proprietary intelligence and 100% verified police calls, celebrates the work of their Law Enforcement Advisory Board in bridging the relationship between remote guarding solutions and law enforcement via a direct feedback relationship with on the ground first responder teams to continually improve operating standards. Law Enforcement Advisory Board members carry over 100 years of combined law enforcement experience and endorse Elite Interactive’s Remote Guarding Solution for the company’s ability to eliminate false alarms and prevent crime.  

Elite currently partners with Police and Sheriff’s departments throughout the nation to dramatically improve the security of the company’s client properties. Board members understand and want to promote how remote guarding provides Law Enforcement and users with dramatic benefits. Because of this advocacy work, Elite is a well-known name among local police for only sending real emergency alerts, resulting in Elite customers receiving a priority police response. Elite is the only US security company to eliminate false alarms for their customers, in turn benefitting local law enforcement agencies in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

“Elite is a true force multiplier for law enforcement organizations wherever that organization is located,” said Mitch Tavera, Retired Police Chief and Law Enforcement Advisory Board member. “I recommend Elite because it works.”

Through the work of the Law Enforcement Advisory Board, Elite has received endorsements from the law enforcement community, including FBI-LEEDA, one of the most respected organizations in the nation. Law enforcement agencies trust Elite as a partner that shares real-time safety and security information during incidents to protect officers in the line of duty. 

“I am honored to have been invited to be a member of Elites Law Enforcement Advisory Board along with other leading law enforcement executives from throughout the nation,” said Keith Bushey, Commander of the Los Angeles Police Dept (retired). “We are leading the charge for the partnership between Elite and public safety in the private sector. We seize every opportunity to educate customers and police partners about this unique crime prevention program.’ 

Board members are chosen based on their extreme interest in, and understanding of, the value of verified alerts with no false alarms that result in actual arrests, thereby eliminating crime. Current members bring a depth of experience, impressive careers, and leadership in law enforcement to the board.

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