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What is Remote Guarding?

Remote Guarding is a combination of people, processes, and technology that all work together to protect places where people shouldn’t be. Remote Guarding turns passive security cameras into active and intelligent “Digital Guards”, capable of alerting human security guards of any intrusions or trespassers. Highly trained security agents located remotely in our centralized command center, can use the cameras and audio speakers located on site, to check for intruders on the property and tell them to leave immediately.

Thanks to this great combination, Remote Guarding can actually eliminate false alarms and criminal activity over time, while simultaneously improving relationships with local law enforcement. Daily security reports and video footage are provided to the property managers, serving as excellent tools to investigate incidents, avoid lawsuits, and clear up dilemmas.

1. True Crime & Loss Prevention

Elite’s Remote Guarding solutions provide true crime and loss prevention for a variety of businesses and organizations. By providing command, control and management of live events, Elite is able to eliminate false alarms and prevent crime before it happens.

Crime prevention helps our clients build strong relationships with local law enforcement. Police officers respond quickly to Elite agents and appreciate a reduction in false alarms. Remote Guarding also provides officers additional protection when they are out in the field, helping save lives.

2. Dramatic Cost Savings

Significant financial benefits without requiring any significant capital investment:

  • Reduction in security guard costs
  • Loss & theft prevention
  • Elimination of false alarm expenses
  • Insurance savings

3. Security Operations Command Center

  • Highly trained Remote Monitoring Security agents exert command, control and security management
  • Live, real-time remote surveillance, event analysis, threat assessment and action
  • Bi-directional, live audio communications drives loss prevention
  • Client operations and activity reporting and support
  • Secure, SAS 70 Certified building exceeds standards required for Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, etc., and rivals major telecom centers.

4. Active Shooter Incidents

By locking on and tracking intruders in real time, remote agents function as team members to security & police teams en-route or on premises, providing ongoing feedback and information. They can also inform police of the whereabouts of students, staff, and employees caught up in the incident. Elite agent activities include opening, closing, locking, unlocking doors, as well as communicating to staff, students and even the suspect, if appropriate.  In this way, situational awareness is accelerated, helping save lives, accelerate apprehension, and ensure collection and preservation of evidence.


5. Increased Productivity & Reduced Liability

Incident and accident claims from customers or employees can be extremely expensive for your business. Insurance companies will often opt to pay a large settlement simply because there is no hard evidence defending your position. Workers Compensation expenses continue to grow. Elite captures, stores and retrieves video in an organized, very user friendly and easily searchable manner. Employee accidents, customer incidents and other occurrences can be found, retrieved and archived to a DVD or other file format for later use, including critical evidence for use in court or otherwise.

Elite Remote Guarding solutions increase employee productivity, helping you utilize virtual management tours, remotely access any site and conduct your own inspections. Staff perform better when they are monitored, and recorded video can be used to verify compliance with polices, procedures, dress codes, training, and other business process adherence concerns. It will also help ensure your customers are serviced professionally, courteously and in a timely manner.


6. Extended Service Options

  • Delivery Acceptance via security surveillance systems monitored by remote agents
  • After-hour escorts of staff to their vehicles
  • Facility opening and closing
  • Integration of business security systems through Elite’s system integration expertise, including Access Control, alarm systems, sensors, lighting, air-conditioning, GPS, RFID, Biometrics, etc.

7. Law Enforcement Partnerships

A primary force in Elite’s drive towards transforming the monitoring and security industries involves developing powerful, mutually beneficial partnerships with Law Enforcement. Elite has been successful in building such relationships due to its leadership in developing Remote Surveillance services that represent the State of the Art of Guarding today. Elite’s Law Enforcement relationships range from communications with police dispatch center staff and officers mobilized as a result of actions taken by Elite’s highly trained remote surveillance agents in our Security Operations Command Center, to law enforcement command personnel that desire to implement and benefit from the latest developments in the monitoring and security industry.

8. Security Guard Coordination

Elite understands it cannot replace all guards in many cases. In those cases where onsite security guards are needed, Elite’s monitoring and security services include serving as the overall security coordinator for the client facility.

For many clients, the value of remote oversight of onsite guarding by Elite’s Agents helps to maximize productivity of onsite guards due to local staff knowing they are being observed by our expert staff. Working with Elite’s Security Operations Command Center agents in this way helps reduce the opportunities for guards to engage in criminal conduct. These benefits are true whether Elite’s Remote Guarding agents provide complete command center management of onsite guards, or just provide oversight to onsite command centers operated by client guards.

Security guard coordination

9. Address Security Industry Failures

Retail Industry Continues to Experience Staggering Losses Nationwide:

$42 Billion Retail Industry Losses

$12 Billion Spent towards Loss Prevention

Recovery of only $122 Million

Monitoring and Security Industries Efforts Continue to Fail to Address Losses:

Security Guards: Documented management and performance problems

Burglar Alarm, CCTV & Other Technologies: Equipment focused approaches continue to fall short of promises

Current security monitoring services approaches arose to bridge the gap between guards and technology and also continue to fail

10. Evergreen Preventive Maintenance

Evergreen Preventative Maintenance

Elite offers an outstanding Preventive Maintenance Services package, which commences on the first day of the Interactive Monitoring, Security and Management Agreement, which is designed to provide complete coverage for the security surveillance systems based Custom Digital Guarding
System for the lifetime of the contract between ELITE and the Client. Unlike extended warranties or time and materials maintenance “deals” the Agreement provides:

  • Complete coverage for parts and labor, which means no additional client expense for repairs and regular maintenance
  • 24/7 self-diagnostic systems, combined with priority service response results in repairs performed immediately
  • Monthly remote health check and reports
  • Annual on-site system inspection and tune up
  • No additional cost for software upgrades

Elite works with a nationwide network of authorized alliance partners to provide client site maintenance and support. This means that local service is provided by local specialists with a vested interest in your account. Response times are faster than typical in-house service agencies due to the close proximity of each office.

Elite maintains 24/7 help desk and customer service support via live phone contact with Security Operations Command Center staff.

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