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Building Safer Communities

with Elite Remote Guarding

“I believe Elite does a great job of helping us continue to make a positive impact on our communities.”

Mario Alamilla, Asset Manager, Jamboree Housing


The Problem: Criminal Activity

Jamboree Housing was inundated with a range of problems that were affecting the lives of residents, staff, and community members surrounding their affordable housing properties.

Criminal activity such as gang violence, trespassing, and vandalism plagued residents and threatened the safety of their community.

Additionally, Jamboree found it hard to settle disputes over suspected fraudulent claims. There was no evidence to back up any allegations of wrongdoing. This lead to a rise in insurance and legal expenses due to the increase in risk and liability Jamboree had to take on.

Management also had no way to monitor operational issues such as leaks and irrigation trouble. This led to high utility costs that could have been avoided.

Clearly Jamboree needed a security solution that could help bring a sense of safety back to their properties by stopping these types of incidents from occurring.

Active Shooter Protection

The Solution: Remote Guarding Security

Elite Interactive Solutions examined Jamboree’s properties and built a customized security solution for each one. By installing digital guards, Jamboree made a real commitment to building safe and sustainable communities. These smart video cameras were monitored
remotely by highly trained security agents located in Elite’s command center, who were able to talk directly with intruders and stop crime before it had the chance to occur. When necessary, Elite used its partnership with local law enforcement to ensure a priority response to all major incidents.

Hotel Security Consultation

The Results: Dramatic Crime Reduction

The results are telling. At Jamboree’s Grove Park property, Elite prevented over 90% of crimes from occurring and eliminated false alarms.

This helped law enforcement tremendously by lowering wasteful use of their agency resources, and trained them to react quickly when Jamboree did have a problem, as it was most likely the real deal and not a false alarm. Thanks to this reduction in false alarms, an incredible 40% of police calls resulted in apprehension of a suspect .

Jamboree was able to achieve these results while also reducing security costs. Thanks to these cost savings, Jamboree had funds to enhance programs that support families in their communities and create a larger positive impact in the lives of their residents.

Elite was also able to help Jamboree use video footage to avoid fraudulent claims, improve property operations and reduce their overall risk and liability. As a result, residents began to feel much safer and realized their quality of life was now on the rise.

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Crime Prevention Rate
62,000 events reviewed
False Alarms Avoided
Voice Downs Initiated
Arrests Made
40% Arrest Rate


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