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Creating a Safer Campus

with Elite Remote Guarding

“Prior to Elite, we had trespassers, vandalism, theft & unusual activity. After Elite, those issues have dropped to zero. Word has gotten out that the campus is monitored.”
Mike Custer, Director of Facilities Village Christian Schools

Mike Custer

The Problem: Vandalism & Trespassing

Village Christian was inundated with a range of problems that were affecting the lives of students, faculty, and neighbors surrounding the school campus.

Skateboarders, bicyclists, and transients were trespassing regularly and using the campus for their own needs.

Campus property & classrooms were regularly vandalized and major theft was occurring as industrial bus batteries began to be stolen as well.

Eventually, Village Christian’s neighbors started to complain about the many unusual activities taking place on the school’s campus.

Clearly, the school needed a security solution that could help bring a sense of safety back to the campus by stopping these types of incidents from occurring .


Elite Interactive Solutions examined the school campus and built a customized security solution for Village Christian’s facilities . Elite installed digital guarding technology on the campus that continually scanned for intruders. This smart video camera system was monitored remotely by highly trained security agents located in Elite’s command center. These agents were able to talk directly with intruders and stop crime before it had the chance to occur. When necessary, Elite used its partnership with local law enforcement to ensure a speedy response to all major incidents.

Security Camera

The Results: Dramatic Crime Reduction

Over the 12 months after Elite’s security solution was put in action, the school reported that campus crime came to a screeching halt. Skateboarders tried to trespass only to get deterred by Elite’s security agents and intelligent surveillance cameras.

Elite also completely shut down the problem of repeated industrial bus batteries theft. As the months went by, complaints from neighbors began to go down, as crime and vandalism was no longer a major concern for Village Christian.

Word got out that the Village Christian campus was monitored, and eventually the intruders, vandals, and thieves stopped trying to break in at all . (See graph)

Village Christian was so satisfied with the results of their new security solution, the school is considering expanding future services with Elite to address active shooters or other real time emergencies during school hours. They believe the Elite team would do a much better job of directing responders than the staff they have on site.

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