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Leading Shopping Centers & Malls Trust Elite

Elite Interactive’s preventive security solutions have been proven to stop over 90% of intruders from committing crimes. Our cutting-edge remote surveillance technology is suited for high traffic areas like shopping centers and malls.

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Shopping Center Security

Remote Guarding is a proactive security solution and your first line of defense as a property owner.

Property owners and entrepreneurs know a thing or two about rising to a challenge. Shopping centers specifically, face an expanded set of challenges when attempting to balance turning a profit with making their property a safe place for their staff and customers. These bustling “commercial jungles” are often singled out as easy targets where the following unwanted activities can go unnoticed.

  • Illegal dumping
  • Trespassing
  • Vandalism
  • Homeless camps
  • Theft

Is Your Shopping Center a “Soft Target” or a “Hard Target”?

Though $12 Billion is currently being spent towards loss prevention and commercial security nationwide, there are still glaring issues that most retail surveillance systems fail to address:

  • Management and performance problems with on-site security guards
  • Equipment-focused approaches to remote surveillance that continue to fall short of promises
  • The failure to bridge the gap between technology and live security guards

Elite’s Remote Guarding solutions have struck the golden combination of blending cutting edge surveillance technology
with the one thing that can never truly be replaced: PEOPLE.

Our mission is to personally tailor our team to fit your shopping center’s unique needs. No property is the same and we understand modern-day security threats are in a constant state of flux. With Elite’s retail surveillance systems, enjoy the following advantages:

24-Hour Remote Operations Center

Our highly-trained security agents are fed real-time video and audio which is used for event analysis and threat assessment. This includes the use of direct communication to you as well as to any individual attempting undesirable activities. Even during the late hours of the night, our agents are always watching so you don’t have to.

Trust Built-In

Elite’s remote guarding solutions help to eliminate false alarms and deter criminal activity before it begins. We make it a point to grow our clients’ relationships with local law enforcement.

Our Law Enforcement Endorsements

Financial Savings

Fewer false alarms, insurance claims, and loss prevention issues translate to substantial, long-term savings. Additionally, Elite’s Remote Guarding system can lessen a shopping center’s reliance on security guards, even completely replacing them in smaller shopping centers.

A Vested Interest in Your Security

Communication saves lives. Our Elite security agents recognize that being strategically involved plays a crucial part in the safety of your shopping center. Whether we are augmenting your existing on-site security guards by becoming their eyes and ears in the sky or replacing them all together, we provide proactive security, rather than reactive.

Retail Surveillance Systems

Putting an aggressive stop to unwanted activity boils down to your retail security system. If your system is lacking coverage or even slightly outdated, you are already facing a near impossible odds. With today’s innovations and the speed at which technology is evolving, Elite has been at the forefront of the business security industry, pioneering the concept of Remote Guarding and eliminating crime before it occurs.
Watch some real-life examples of our Remote Guarding solutions in action.

Live Arrest Gallery

As a property owner, you have enough on your plate. Dealing with would-be vandals in the middle of the night should not fall entirely to you.
With our unique voice-down capabilities, our agents can directly alert a trespasser or immediately alert the police, depending on the situation. This means less time making 3 AM commutes to your shopping center having to sort out the details of a vandalism and more time focusing on making your property thrive.

The safety and security of your shopping center, customers, and finances is the foundation on which successful and thriving businesses are built upon. Retail security is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Please do not hesitate to explore Remote Guarding and some of the various industries that Elite continues to serve with unparalleled service. We’ve never lost a single client and work very hard to maintain that standard of excellence.

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