PRESS RELEASE: Los Angeles, CA. October 8, 2012 – Airport Marina Auto Group selected to Elite Interactive Solutions, Inc. to provide Interactive Remote Guarding and other security services for its automobile centers. Elite services include Forensics Analysis, Design and Engineering, Installing, Maintaining and Monitoring a Remote Digital Guarding System. Airport Marina is now experiencing firsthand the value Elite brings to their businesses.
Aria Kozak, CEO of Elite Interactive Solutions, Inc. says, “Elite is revolutionizing the Security Guarding and Monitoring Industry.”
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ABOUT Elite Interactive Solutions, Inc.
Elite was founded to enhance the safety, security and economic well being of security clients.  We are transforming the Security Guard and Monitoring industries by introducing Interactive Remote Guarding.  Elite’s solutions involve highly trained professional Agents in our Security Operations Command Center remotely managing customized, client facility based Digital Guarding Systems and human security guards.  Elite’s proprietary combination of systems and processes raise the bar from the quaint notion that traditional electronic security, surveillance and guards alone can reduce crime.