Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 26, 2014 – Underground in a hardened security operations command center (SOCC) in Los Angeles, highly trained security agents monitor hundreds of auto dealers across the US. Celebrating 7 years of Remote Guarding, Elite Interactive Solutions (Elite ISI) provides advanced crime prevention solutions to auto dealers. The company takes pride in preventing theft, fraud, and shrinkage for it’s hundred plus dealers across the US.
While physical security guards have their place, they cannot provide the same level of monitoring, interaction, and apprehension as Elite ISI’s Remote Guarding services. Celebrating 7 years of success in the Remote Guarding industry, Elite ISI offers revolutionary security solutions for dealerships, nationwide. By integrating military grade software, smart video security surveillance systems, and SOCC human intervention specialists, Elite takes security monitoring services beyond Robocop. Elite ISI deploys smart CCTV cameras that act as Digital Guards (never sleep, take breaks or collude with criminals), scanning entire dealerships 24/7/365.
Elite ISI’s unique understanding of crime and how to stop it is used to design and implement each client security system. Through strategically placed multiple Digital Guards, Elite ISI monitors entire dealerships in real-time. Elite’s proprietary combination of forensic processes and technology systems identify, track and zoom in on any physical movement on client properties; outperforming line-of-sight, traditional guarding solutions. Suspicious human activity escalates the level of scrutiny and results in monitoring agent intervention using installed speakers to warn and deter trespassers and/or contact law enforcement and assists them with interdiction.
Elite ISI’s unmatched Remote Guarding Services have prevented thousands of crimes and facilitated the arrest and prosecution of dozens of would-be criminals. The key to these results is Elite’s partnerships with law enforcement. FBI-LEEDA, the premier Law Enforcement Association in the nation, chose Elite to train its 6000 officers and executives on the uses and benefits of Remote Guarding. In addition, local police value and embrace Elite’s dramatic enhancement to first responder safety and performance. They come to rely on Elite ISI to provide collaboration on suspect description, location, movement, and weapons.
Elite’s uniquely high levels of loss prevention save their customers over $5 million a year. The money saved includes reduced costs for expensive Guard Services, lower insurance deductibles and premiums, false alarm fines, parts shrinkage, and fraud prevention. Typical customers save thousands of dollars every month.
In Summary, Elite ISI provides:

  • Consulting on criminal forensics and it’s use for security system design and implementation
  • A digital guarding system that supports 24/7 monitoring of entire dealerships
  • High-definition video surveillance, evidence collection and effective agent intervention
  • A strong deterrent to vandalism, loss and crime in real time
    1st person, live eye-witness agents coordinate apprehension with law enforcement

“We are witnessing the natural evolution of security guarding,” says Aria Kozak, President and CEO of Elite Interaction Solutions. “Our solutions provide eyes everywhere on the property. Our Digital Guards never sleep, take breaks, or make deals with criminals. They zoom in on every detail, and intervene with authority. We are perfecting our systems in step with emerging technologies,” he adds. “Over the last 40 years, I’ve never seen any new advancement in the industry that can compare with our remote guarding solutions.”
About Elite ISI
Elite ISI is the industry leader in fully interactive, remotely operated virtual guard and digital guarding services. With over one hundred customers throughout the US, Elite ISI continues to provide the highest level of real-estate, property, and personal safety security. Commercial clients range from multi-million to multi-billion dollar dealerships, apartment complexes, warehouses, logistics, and many other industries.
Contact Elite ISI at info(at)eliteinteractivesolutions(dot)com. Or call 877-435-4832.