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Rusnak Auto Group

“Elite offers a fantastic service. It’s remarkable how many people wander onto our property at the most bizarre time of night.”

Len Silvernail, Rusnak Auto Group

The largest luxury auto dealership in the United States trusts Elite Interactive Solutions to protect it’s valuable assets. Elite helped Rusnak Auto Group improve their security coverage and reduce dependence on human guards, helping them save a lot of money. Elite’s Remote Guarding solutions enabled Rusnak to actually catch crimes in action and receive a speedy response from law enforcement. Elite alerts and highly trained security agents were able to take pictures of criminals, follow them through camera movements, and work with police to resolve the situation in the best way possible.

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Village Christian Schools

“I would recommend Elite to any school or organization. It has enabled us to have a more secure campus.”

Tom Konjoyan, Head of School

Village Christian Schools trusts Elite Interactive Solutions to protect it’s students and acres of property. Securing students and staff is paramount for a school, and Elite has helped Village Christian cut down on expensive security guards, while increasing the quality of their security coverage at a much lower costs. Lowering dependence on guards reduces liability levels and brings valuable video footage and surveillance of any activities that occur on campus, delivering much needed peace of mind to school staff, students, parents, and the local community.

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Manufacturing Facilities & Security Directors

“I would highly recommend Elite to any company that needs to reduce their security costs and increase the security of their operation”

Charles Daniels, Security Director

Elite helped Mr. Daniels protect his manufacturing company’s 15 acres of property, while cutting costs in half and increasing security protection exponentially. He was able to reduce man-guarding costs by $300,000 a year. Mr. Daniels also noticed a sharp increase in police response time after installing Elite’s Remote Guarding solutions, as police know there will be a high probability of arrest. Mr. Daniels has seen liability levels decrease, along with unauthorized entries and vandalism, allowing him to sleep better at night.

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Athena Property Management

“Elite has saved us considerable, time, money and energy. I would highly recommend Elite to any other property management company, as we couldn’t be happier.”

Paula Langevin, Athena Property Management

Elite helped Athena improve their security coverage, which relied heavily on roving security guards. Elite’s Remote Guarding solutions has helped Athena maintain cleaner and safer properties across the country. Eventually, Athena realized how risky it was to depend upon human security guards alone to protect their properties from a range of threats day or night. Athena tenants now feel much more secure and have gained a great deal of peace of mind in regards to their safety and well being.

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Lexus of Glendale

“Being with Elite for over six years is probably one of the best business decisions I’ve made”

Johnny Harrison, General Manager

Elite helped protect Lexus of Glendale as they expanded to a facility with over 50,000 square feet. Elite made it possible to protect a facility of this size 24/7 with a vast array of resources and the technologies of today and tomorrow.

Elite provided security around the clock and brought peace of mind at night by monitoring anybody that came on the facility while the business was closed. Elite also helped protect Lexus of Glendale against internal identity theft, employee theft, harassment and beyond. Lexus employees greatly value being protected against these risks in their workplace.

Elite’s expertise was unknown to Lexus of Glendale and has helped their facility pinpoint exactly what security solutions should be implemented for their custom needs. In turn, Lexus of Glendale not only has security, but also peace of mind.

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Multi-family and Commercial Property Management

“We are incredibly willing to recommend and continue to use Elite Interactive Solutions around the country.”

Bowen Jones, Vice President, Investors Property Services

Elite helped Investors Property Services develop a new and more effective approach to protecting over 5,000 multi-family housing units across the country. Using Elite was hugely beneficial to tenants and prospective tenants, as it made them feel comfortable that somebody was paying attention to their needs and making sure that help would come quickly if required.

Footage from Elite’s security solutions has saved Investors Property Services from several lawsuits and evictions by offering high quality video footage to review exactly what happened instead of depending on different versions of the incident from varying parties. Camera footage has also enabled IPS to catch tenants committing crimes or using vacant units illegally.

By installing Elite’s Remote Guarding solutions, Investors Property Services has reduced the need for police activity on their properties. Elite’s combination of customer service, technology, and law enforcement partnerships has created a highly effective solution that Investors Property Services is excited to use as they expand.

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Jamboree Portfolio

“I believe Elite does a great job of helping us continue to make a positive impact on our communities.”

Mario Alamilla, Asset Manager

Prior to Elite, Jamboree tried many unsuccessful security solutions for their communities. Crime would take place when patrol was off-sites, and criminals would learn how to navigate around roving patrol services or unmonitored cameras installed on site.

Elite was able to step in and effectively deter crime at Jamboree sites, helping resolve issues with local gangs and reduce and eliminate incidents over the long-term. Elite’s security solutions has continued to deter crime at Jamboree’s properties, helping to impact the residential communities in a positive way.

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South Bay BMW

“We finally have the results that we wanted in a security system. It’s given us peace of mind.”

Peter Boesen, Vice President & General Manager

Valuable inventory made security a vital component for the success of South bay BMW. Security guards and equipment were not effective solutions at night, as there were always gaps in their security coverage due to breakdowns and lack of coverage.

Elite understood how to help South Bay BMW prevent security issues, safety problems, and crime. Elite’s Digital Guards enabled 24/7 coverage of their valuable vehicles and significantly reduced costs by lowering the need for on-site security guards.
Elite’s exceptional relationships with local law enforcement agencies helped deliver quick responses to any intruders or incidents at the South Bay BMW facility.

Peace of mind itself is quite valuable and Elite is able to deliver this to organizations by delivering an effective security solution that prevents crime before it starts.

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Desert Lexus, Palm Springs

“The Elite system has eliminated a lot of grief and aggravation for me. I can’t think of doing anything else.”

Ren Rooney, Vice President & General Manager

Desert Lexus found it hard to rely on security guards for complete coverage, as they cannot be everywhere at every time. Protecting their inventory and customer vehicles was a high priority for Desert Lexus and becoming problematic due to issues with security guards and ineffective equipment.
Elite helped Desert Lexus save greatly on security costs and cut down on liability and risk tremendously. They found Elite’s level of technology, low costs, and excellent service made choosing their security solutions an easy decision.

Employees at Desert Lexus are also breathing easier as false alarms have significantly gone down, and parts inventory shrinkage has been eliminated. All staff and associates know that the Elite system is there for their protection, helping increase their quality of life.

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