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Why Does law enforcement value Elite?

There are many reasons local law enforcement agencies breathe a sigh of relief when businesses in their area retain Elite’s services:

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First, we handle many potential crimes on our own, helping resolve disturbances and intrusions without having to call law enforcement to the scene. By managing and diffusing situations on our own, we help local agencies save tremendously on their available resources, as they won’t have to dispatch officers as often.

Second, we help provide safety for police officers by guiding them to crime scenes and being their eyes and ears. This added safety helps save lives and prevents officers from walking into the unknown towards a dangerous suspect. For example, our highly trained security agents can point out a suspect’s location, description, and whether or not he might be armed.

Third, we make an effort to reach out to law enforcement agencies that serve our client’s areas. By cultivating a strong, positive relationship, we help ensure the fastest possible response to future incidents for our customers. Elite acts as a live witness to crimes in progress, helping resolve situations as quickly as possible.


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Elite is proud to partner with the FBI – Law Enforcement Executive Development Association (FBI-LEEDA – www.fbileeda.org). This partnership represents an important continuation of efforts to help support and promote leadership roles of membership in security-oriented organizations.

Elite is formally introducing FBI-LEEDA to the revolutionary, paradigm shifting impact that Interactive Remote Guarding has in the domestic Law Enforcement and Commercial Security fields. The U.S. Military has recognized the critical importance that the addition of remotely managed activities and assets have become in the formulation of their strategies and tactics. For example, the broad use of predator drones, where tactically appropriate, has become the standard approach due to the ability to generate better results, for lower cost, and without putting human life in harms way. However, until now, there have been no similar, sweeping additions to our domestic approaches to protecting private and public assets using Remote Guarding capabilities.

As the leaders in this revolution in domestic Security and Law Enforcement Industries, our partnership with FBI-LEEDA will provide its members vital education and training opportunities that will ensure they are leading their respective organizations in the introduction and use of Remote Guarding, including establishing the appropriate roles and boundaries for this truly revolutionary addition to their tactical capabilities.

Please visit www.fbileeda.org to learn more about the organization what they are planning.

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