Elite provides Remote Guarding to all types of properties including but not limited to; multi-tenant residential, office buildings, HOAs, warehouses, mixed-use developments, corporate campuses, schools, hospitals, and auto dealerships to name a few. A number of client testimonials can be seen by clicking here. We do not provide security for individual private homes.

In our opinion, alarms and cameras alone are simply not enough. Alarms are a low priority response for law enforcement due to their high false alarm rate. Even if they are working properly and positioned in the right place to capture the details that you need to see what happened, cameras are only good for looking back at a crime that has already occurred.

Yes. Often your existing CCTV system and surveillance system can be incorporated into a Remote Guarding solution.

It depends. Often we can help you replace your guards completely to save a lot of money. Where guards provide certain tasks that are not practical within the scope of Remote Guarding, we design a system that is a “force multiplier” that works to increase the effectiveness and often reduces the cost of your security guards.


Yes, we store the critical events and can send captured images to you and the police with your authority.

Yes, you can access live video from all connected cameras and with your permission, the police can view the site live from any Internet-connected device.

Yes, we send daily reports by e-mail and can notify authorized staff by phone or text as well. Elite follows your pre-defined protocol to notify staff when serious issues occur.

No. We will perform a forensic analysis of your selected facility and provide you with an engineered security solution. You will see how Remote Guarding works to increase your security while reducing your security costs.


As a single-source provider, Elite commits to delivery, operations, and maintenance of a fully integrated security solutions service. Let us show you how!

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