PRESS RELEASE: Los Angeles, California (Feb. 25, 2013): FBI – Law Enforcement Executive Development Association (FBI-LEEDA) announces its new partnership with Elite Interactive Solutions, Inc (Elite). FBI-LEEDA, the largest law enforcement association in the world, is strategically partnering with Elite as part of its mission to promote the leadership roles of its members through training. FBI-LEEDA acknowledges Elite as a leader in driving the revolutionary impact Interactive Remote Guarding is generating in the domestic Security and Law Enforcement fields. Elite has been selected to provide FBI-LEEDA members with education and training opportunities that help ensure they are leading their respective organizations in the introduction to, and uses of, Interactive Remote Guarding. A key goal of the training will include helping FBI-LEEDA members to develop appropriate roles and boundaries for this truly revolutionary addition to tactical capabilities.
Aria Kozak, CEO of Elite Interactive Solutions, Inc. says, “Elite is revolutionizing the Security Guarding and Monitoring Industry! Please visit our website at to find out more about our company and to see our customer testimonials!”
ABOUT FBI-LEEDA: The members of FBI – LEEDA include Chief Executive Officers of law enforcement agencies, Directors and Commissioners of public safety, and elected Sheriffs throughout the United States and numerous foreign countries. FBI – LEEDA’s mission includes leadership and management training excellence, and providing information to its members which will enhance their leadership capabilities. (
ABOUT Elite Interactive Solutions, Inc: Elite was founded to enhance the safety, security and economic well being of security clients. The company is transforming the Security and Law Enforcement fields by introducing Interactive Remote Guarding. Elite’s solutions involve highly trained professional Agents in our Security Operations Command Center remotely managing customized, client facility based Digital Guarding Systems and human security guards. Elite’s proprietary combination of systems and processes raise the bar from the quaint notion that traditional electronic security, surveillance and guards alone can reduce crime.