Some of the most difficult businesses to secure completely are self-storage facilities. They usually comprise many individual storage units located side by side on the same storage property. This position makes it quite easy for criminals to find a way to break in and gain access to the valuable property stored within. All a criminal has to do is use some bolt cutters or even rent a unit on their own to start stealing and vandalizing self-storage facilities. Additionally, these units can house flammable or sensitive materials that can cause unexpected fires and damage to the property when nobody is around. If a fire is given too much time before it is addressed, the entire facility and every single customers property could go up in flames. Due to these security gaps, most of the staff and customers at self-storage facilities around the country could use additional peace of mind in regards to the safety of their property.

So how do we fill these security gaps? Remote monitoring might hold the answer.

Today’s advancements in Remote Guarding security solutions might hold the key to solving the self-storage industries various security concerns. Here are some ways Remote Guarding can help mitigate their concerns:

100% Facility Coverage

Remote guarding solutions have an advantage over traditional security methods such as security guards in many ways. One of the biggest is that Remote guarding smart cameras and analytics can monitor every inch of a self-storage facility at the same time. A human security guard can only survey and protect what he sees in his immediate vicinity, and could therefore miss out on a crime in progress. These guards also take breaks, fall asleep, and get distracted on the job during late night hours. With Remote Monitoring, self-storage facilities have highly trained security agents responding in real time to any trespassing or intruder alerts coming from their property. Remote guarding camera analytics are able to identify any intruder visually, pick up on license plates, identify vehicles, human movement, and send all this information back to real life security agents located safely in a remote Command Center.
Live Arrest

Real Time Response & Prevention

Remote security agents have the ability to intervene and stop crimes that are either in progress or potentially about to take place. Using high quality cameras and speakers located directly on the self-storage facility, these agents are able to speak to trespassers and tell them to leave the property right away. If the intruder persists, Remote guarding agents work with local law enforcement to apprehend the suspect and provide valuable video evidence of the incident that took place.
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