Today’s COVID-19 pandemic will, unfortunately, be with us for a long while and it will forever transform the way we live, work and shop. While the government CARES Act 2020 and other programs offer some financial relief to businesses forced to shut down, billions of dollars of assets are left unattended with few security guards available to manage the situation. The impact of 6.6 million additional filings for unemployment further increases the likelihood that once the pandemic is over, the economic risk will result in a higher need for asset protection for the foreseeable future. It is critical that all businesses immediately evaluate their risk profiles and security protocols because a delayed recovery may prove to be a costly vulnerability.
So what can the decision maker do during these troubling times of controlled and unavailable work force? The answer is Remote Guarding by Elite Interactive Solutions (“Elite”). By infusing the latest Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) and Machine Learning algorithms with state-of-the-art camera and audio systems, our technology for surveillance will be the global driving force to keep people and property safe. Elite, a true Remote Guarding company, resolves many security issues usually addressed by law enforcement. When an unauthorized offender enters a property, we see them, we describe them, we announce our presence to them, we notify them that law enforcement is on the way – and very often, that alone is enough to send the offenders running before damaging or stealing property. As the industry leader in Remote Guarding, Elite receives priority response and continuously supports law enforcement at the scene from the moment intruders enter the perimeter of a property until the intrusion is resolved. We are always on and always watching.
As many local and federal government entities use systems complete with facial recognition and infrared technology to support first responders in preventing crime, the private sector typically relies on staffed security guards to protect assets. As the pandemic continues to require citizens to shelter in place, the availability and affordability of security guards decreases, leaving many businesses vulnerable to criminal activity. Furthermore, the staffed security guard solution is less effective than our technology and surveillance capabilities. The operations of Elite’s security systems prevent huge financial losses for businesses and their insurers.
The traditional staffed security guard is tasked with one purpose: to observe and report a crime. It is not within the guard’s job description to coordinate with law enforcement or get involved in direct confrontation with a potential suspect. Guards can be injured, can sometimes overreact and harm others, and are bound to specific areas of a property. A savvy criminal can ambush or even conspire with a guard to achieve their objectives. This is not to imply that all guards are ineffective; they are often given specific tasks and are limited in response options should the need arise. But Remote Guarding security solutions take ownership of many issues that currently require law enforcement involvement and revolutionize the approach to preventing crime and protecting assets. Instead of just observing, reporting, and passing the buck to law enforcement, Remote Guarding security solutions takes a proactive approach to prevent crime before it has the chance to happen.
How does Remote Guarding offer greater protection against thieves, vagrants, trespassers and active shooters? The Digital Guard is the bridge between the law enforcement community and the public. When an intruder activates a camera system on a prospective site, security agents in a secured command center will view and monitor the intruder’s activity. The advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithm alerts the security agents who can then communicate with the intruder via a strategically positioned speaker system on site and alert law enforcement of a crime in progress. These Elite’s highly trained security agents keep their full attention on the scene not only until officers arrive but also throughout the incident.
Law enforcement embraces the Remote Guarding solution because it dramatically improves officer safety. Security agents guide police officers using the digital guards (cameras) as well as audio as they approach suspects. This ensures that officers never walk into the unknown. In addition, responding officers know a call from Elite Interactive Solutions will likely generate a safe arrest attempt. The company’s ability to support officer safety and efficiency enhance relationships with local law enforcement. This also benefits the businesses they protect. Because Elite’s Remote Guarding state-of-the-art equipment has the capability of recording audio and visual when an incident is occurring, Elite is able to provide law enforcement and clients with a visual record to aid in prosecution. Also, in Remote Guarding systems such as those provided by Elite ISI, each client receives a report every morning of any activity involving their premises during the hours of closure.
Here are some testimonials from law enforcement on the efficiency of Elite Interactive systems:
Keith D. Bushey , Board Member, Peace Officers Association of Los Angeles, CA and former Commander of Los Angeles Police Department’s Communications Division and Dispatch Center:
“I initiated my involvement in the remote guarding conversation because law enforcement has been plagued with the historic reality of false alarm calls. During a pandemic, having a decrease of false alarm calls to near zero where remote guarding is used adds component of providing real-time updates greatly enhances the safety of responding officers.”
Police Chief Ken Winter, Cheyney, Kansas:
“We support the use of remote guarding in our profession not only as a time saving system for ruling out false alarm claims but as a huge safety tool for our responding officers.”
Police Chief Mark M. Mathies, Edwardsville, Kansas:
“Remote guarding is an innovative combination of advanced technology and traditional man-guarding components that enhances both responses to, and prevention of, criminal activity. Through analytical software, a system of communication, human verification, and the ability to provide real-time information to security agents and law enforcement, remote guarding increases officer safety, provides greater opportunity for offender apprehension, and reduces the burden of false alarms on law enforcement.”
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