Elite Wins TMA's 2024 Monitoring Technology Marvel Award! (Click here for full details)
Elite Wins TMA's 2024 Monitoring Technology Marvel Award! (Click here for full details)

How a Remote Guarding Partnership Benefits Both Clients and Providers

Why the Recurring Revenue Security Service Model Works Well for Everyone

Elite Interactive Solutions is often sought out to contribute expert security industry insights for myriad articles and embraces those opportunities to help educate all. Typically, only excerpts from those interviews make it into publication, as was the case with a recent story by SDM on the topic of recurring revenue that included among its sources, Elite Vice President of Security Solutions Scott Blakeman.

Here is the full version (click here for the published article) . . .

What services or products do you currently offer that contribute to your RMR?

Scott Blakeman: Elite performs detailed forensic analysis of our client’s property to identify areas of concern and areas where intruders may enter a site. Next, Elite designs a customized solution to address the specific threats identified. Once the design is approved by the client, Elite’s team installs the hardware and configures the analytics and machine learning to detect unwanted activity on the property.  Elite offers remote / virtual guard services preventing crime and catastrophe.

Scott Blakeman

How do you determine the optimal pricing structure for your RMR services?

Blakeman: We use a formula that considers the number of cameras, hours of monitoring, number of total devices comprising the security system, and amount of alert activity expected at a particular site. These factors are used to determine the appropriate RMR for a client site.

What retention strategies do you employ to keep existing customers subscribed?

Blakeman: Elite strives to be a good partner with our clients. Elite’s security consultants are not only involved in the original sale and installation of the system. They continue to manage the account after the program launch. Elite’s partnership model ensures continuity with our clients. We also perform annual client reviews where a detailed analysis of the client site along with crime prevention results are presented and discussed with each client. These meetings ensure Elite stays ahead of emerging threats to any property and reinforce our position as a valued security partner. Due to this tight partnering and high level of service, Elite’s gross attrition, on 100% commercial accounts, is an almost unheard of 4%.

What strategies do you use to communicate the value proposition of RMR to your customers?

Blakeman: Elite provides each client with a daily recap of events. Not only is Elite’s proprietary system monitoring the health of the network and equipment. The reports depict every significant event from the prior shift. This includes all voice-down / crime preventions.  If law enforcement is engaged, event details including the dispatcher taking the call, the police event number, camera numbers used to catch the perpetrator, and photos of the event are provided to Elite’s clients each morning.

“Elite strives to be a good partner with our clients. Elite’s security consultants are not only involved in the original sale and installation of the system. They continue to manage the account after the program launch.”

Other important factors to include here is that Elite’s own Law Enforcement Advisory Board, comprised of current and former prominent law enforcement executives, reviews outcomes of Elite’s police interactions to ensure optimal procedures. Between that, Elite’s sterling reputation and documented total elimination of false alarms reported to police, that is a value proposition that cannot be matched. True crime prevention is being provided, with 73,000 SOCC-provided interventions and assisting police on more than 1,000 arrests and detainments in 2023 alone. The other enormous value Elite delivers is in augmenting or entirely replacing manned guards. Both more effective and efficient than human guards, the remote video guarding solution is also as much as 50% less costly.

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How do you identify opportunities to upsell additional RMR services?

Blakeman: Elite’s model is to have the original security consultant manage the partnership from the beginning. Because the account manager is so familiar with our client’s property, we are in a unique position to guide the evolution of the security program. Recommendations are communicated in the regular client meetings conducted by Elite’s security consultants. Threats are ever-changing and security programs are living and breathing entities. Consistent communication of threats and security challenges inevitably brings additional opportunities to increase the size and/or hours of monitoring for our client partners.

What tactics do you use to encourage customers to upgrade their subscriptions?

Blakeman: Because Elite’s clients are in regular communication with their security consultants, a partnering pattern is established. When trends are identified, the issue is discussed between Elite and the client. Remediation plans are devised to address the new threat(s). This often includes the addition of equipment and/or extended monitoring hours.

The other key aspect to consider is that Elite focuses its remote guarding solution primarily on commercial enterprise clientele. Thus, a lot of growth is derived through expanding existing relationships in that, say a customer with 50 locations, adds 10 more sites to its present 10 remote guarded facilities. Along with that, clients are commonly expanding buildings or grounds that call for more site coverage.

What challenges have you encountered in building and sustaining RMR streams, and how have you overcome them?

Blakeman: Elite is unique in the industry and has stayed true to its original goal … crime prevention! Elite is positioned as the leading provider in the remote guarding space with results that are unheard of in the industry. Because Elite keeps it simple, they have become the leader in the industry. This results in the most effective methodology for preventing crime. More than 60% of Elite’s new business comes from our current client base and referrals from our partners. Elite eliminated false alerts and is providing an extra layer of safety to our law enforcement partners when responding to events reported by Elite’s SOCC. Building great relationships and regular communication of challenges and results ensure lasting partnerships that organically grow over time.

Perceived competition is increasingly a challenge as video monitoring and at least what’s on the surface called remote guarding is being marketed to a greater extent by legacy companies and newcomers alike, as the combination of surveillance and AI is where the industry is heading. Therefore, it is critical for Elite to continue to educate the marketplace and end users about what is truly needed and achievable to actually realize crime prevention at the impressive levels Elite has reached. It is almost unbelievable, but Elite has all the data to back it up.

Can you share any lessons learned from mistakes or setbacks?

Blakeman: The business development team along with support staff must have regular and meaningful communication with our clients. Because of the inherent turnover at client sites, it is imperative that Elite continues to communicate challenges and solutions with our clients. Doing so, ensures all clients understand Elite’s value proposition along with understanding the nature of their partnership with Elite.

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