In our previous blog post, the discussion revolved around a central question: Is remote surveillance and guarding the right choice for my business? The answers specifically targeted two major industries: Property Management and Auto Dealerships. Today, we will follow a similar framework by considering three other major industries for pointing out benefits of  remote or virtual guarding in each specific situation.
Commercial/Industrial Businesses Security Solutions
Some of the most important commercial and industrial facilities include, but are not limited to, manufacturing and product assembly sites, warehouses, distribution centers, office buildings, oil refineries, power plants, shopping malls and supermarkets. History has shown, as has the annual research results performed by Professor Halinger of the University of Florida, that the vexing issues facing Security Director, no matter how efficient they may be in implementing a security management plan, include continuing significant theft and losses.  For example, the research shows that the retail industry experiences annual losses that range on average between 2-4% of total revenues.  This occurs despite Security Directors the continuing growth in the use of security guards, vehicles, and expanding the use of advanced technology, including video cameras and systems.
Remote Guarding is the only solution proven to dramatically improve security and reduce losses, while simultaneously reducing security costs by more than half.  These results are generated by providing a more effective solution for overseeing hundreds, and sometimes, thousands of employees or more, and hundreds or thousands of acres of outdoor and indoor property, along with millions up to hundreds of millions of dollars of product and materials inventories.
Traditional security guards services and security system driven approaches pale when placed side by side with Remote Guarding.  This approach reflects a reformulation and implementation of  traditional uses of guards, remote surveillance, virtual security systems, video management software, video analytics, and other approaches, by creating a proprietary, patent pending solution, incorporating the leading edge solutions for all those technologies, along with forensics analysis, problem resolution based system design, along with operating software and standardized procedures for use by highly training agents from a hardened, disaster resistent, data center based security operations who .  The ability to achieve dramatic reductions in losses is founded upon allowing remotely located agents to use a virtual guarding system to identify, respond to, and provide effective command and control over real events, live and in real time, while not wasting time addressing false alarms. In this way, Remote Guarding allows clients to significantly reduce the use of expensive and ineffective security guards, as well as ever expanding security systems.
Loss prevention results by Remote Guarding are further solidified its ability to generate a local police response that rivals having a private police force.  The three-fold benefits that accrue to  local law enforcement for free from client sites that are remote guarded include: 1) zero false alarms;
2) quick and effective communication of situational awareness by former law enforcement/military agents as live eyewitnesses to potential crimes in progress; and
3) live, real time audio and video support to first responders to keep them from walking into the unknown, with effective communication of perpetrator descriptions, location and movements, and whether any weapons have been or are observed
The bottom line is that every Security Director should jump at the opportunity to implement a service where they can reduce their guards and systems down to a level and process that supports focus on real security or safety events only, with the ability to address and/or diffuse any situation immediately through a digital guarding system of cameras and analytics, directly and in real time, including directing appropriate resources of either remaining guards on staff or trained law enforcement to and through the event.
High-End Retail Security Solutions
Some of the most relevant examples of High-End Retail locations that need a crime proof highly efficient and cost effective security system are offered by the corporate stores which sell luxury goods such as apparel, jewelry, accessories, and electronics. Although the stores are relatively small, rarely exceeding 5,000 square feet, these High-End Retail stores often sell expensive products. For this reason alone, relying just on security guards services is not an option. What these locations need is access to real time, live event command, control and management, interactive remote monitoring services. In addressing the types of security breaches that such High-End Retail stores usually have, virtual guarding is particularly effective because its interactivity creates opportunity for real loss prevention. In the case of a live threat, and a hot button is activated, Remote Guarding agents are live on camera within seconds, versus even the quickest police response.  Highly trained agents use judgement on whether to address the event directly and call law enforcement,  or to just observe and communicate live activities to responding officers.  In either case, law enforcement has full information on what is going on inside with person descriptions and activities, as well as direction of travel and vehicle descriptions as perpetrators depart.
Residential/Estates Security Solutions
Due to the continuous and returning demand for high-end housing, the residential complex and estate industry has seen an exponential rise in the number of projects for residential building. Securing gated communities and estates (meant to provide recreational space, playgrounds, parks, greens and such) is a challenge that interactive remote guarding systems are prepared to address successfully. The traditional approach to using guards and or technology has proven itself ineffective.  Guards take breaks, go to sleep and make deals with criminals.  With Remote Guarding, security guards are reduced to a minimal number required, are monitored and directed by remote located agents, and no longer reflect a symbol of where security is or is not to potential criminals.
Analogously with the industrial/commercial business facilities, residential and estate sites are highly demanding when it comes to ensuring top notch cost effective and full loss preventions security. The biggest advantage of 100% interactive remote guarding is that it offers full command and control over on every activity taking place at the site. Because there are digital guards that never take breaks, go to sleep or make deals with criminals, and which constantly analyze and scan live video, possible intruders or perpetrators are detected within a matter of seconds of arriving on a property.  With an immediate audio communications to them from remote guarding agents, telling them they are being video recorded and the police are being mobilized, crime is immediately difused as any criminal will move on to another, less protected facility.  Event response, damage control and loss prevention has never been so effective.
Custom digital guarding systems are without doubt what your business has been missing.  If you are not already taking advantage of Remote Virtual Guarding, you are receiving significantly less security and paying much more for it than you should. But for all of you who still need convincing, we recommend that you contact Elite ISI for a demonstration of the benefits you are missing.