Finding monitoring services and security surveillance systems that actually prevent or even reduce crime is proven to be difficult and challenging at best, but more generally involves significant expenditures for systems and guards that absolutely fail to produce results. These conclusions are supported by research regarding continued growth in business losses despite growing investment and expenditures for security (see Hallinger, Univ of Fl).
Because we know how valuable your time is, this blog post answers the key question you are all thinking: Is remote guarding, also called remote surveillance, interactive monitoring, virtual guarding, remote monitoring, digital guarding and many other names, the right choice for my business? We take our unique approach of forensically identifying and addressing the security idiosyncrasies specific to every industry and facility to show you exactly how a remote security guarding service fits into the framework you already have in mind.
With remote guarding services, you gain the benefit of true loss preventions that result from a process that integrates a custom, forensically designed digital guarding system for your facility that supports effective command and control over live events by highly trained agents who are remotely located in an advanced Command Center using specialized procedures and automated tools. Similar to how Drones are used today in the US Military, Remote guarding security personnel execute complete control over every situation, live and in real time. In addition, advanced surveillance cameras and CCTV capabilities offer a 24 hour, 7 days per week recording of events for client use, while remote agents monitor and respond to any undesired activity in matter of seconds.
Through completely remote, live event, command, control and management of premises security, the chances of your business being the target of a crime radically decreases, but more importantly, the Law Enforcement partnerships inspired by remote guarding result in dramatically more rapid response by first responders. Local police departments learn to value remote guarding’s ability to save police response and resources by:
1) completely clearing false alarms;
2) diffusing potential security events by seeing and speaking to potential criminals, getting them to leave before they can conduct a crime;
3) providing live audio and video support to dispatching and responding officers
Property Management Security Solutions
As a property manager you are held accountable for everything that is stolen or damaged on that property. In broad terms, property management requires you to ensure that processes, systems, and manpower are fully operational and protected when needed, and protected from theft and vandalism when not in use.
Catching wiring and fixture criminals and vandals at vacant buildings before they are able to enter a facility is a focus of the 1st line of defense designed into your Custom Digital Guarding System and the security procedures and processes used by the remote agents. For fully operational buildings, day and night protection and controlled access prevent theft and assault, particularly in parking lots. Automated tracking and control of assets like computers and other equipment or files allows what, where, when and who knowledge of movement and use of company materials
Auto-dealerships Security Solutions
Security solutions and benefits remote guarding provides for automobile dealerships provides examples of what it can offer to all businesses. Securing this industry segment presents one of the most complex security challenges of any industries. Dealership facilities range from 100, 000 sq ft to 500, 000 sq ft,often with over 20 acre outdoor lots, and house vehicles, parts and tools worth tens of millions of dollars. Most all dealership executives have or have had CCTV and security guards, but to no avail. For such demanding facilities, security guard services are not only ineffective, they are costly as well. In fact, the best guard can be in only one place at a time, proving ineffective on the expansive properties used for auto dealerships, while the worst guard is making deals with criminals for a share of the spoils.
Replacing low performing and expensive guards with remote guarding and the interactive security systems used to support it directly saves dealerships thousands of dollars per month versus human guard costs, while the true loss prevention results saves additional costs by preventing vehicles or parts from being stolen or vandalized.