Bay Area business leaders and law enforcement executives attended Elite Interactive Solutions’ second Remote Guarding Summit in Dublin, California on October 26, 2017. Hosted by Elite’s Law Enforcement Advisory Board, the summit was designed to inform law enforcement executives on the ways Remote Guarding is revolutionizing the security industry and providing significant benefits to law enforcement.

The myriad benefits for Remote Guarded facilities include: dramatically improved officer safety, elimination of false burglar alarms, force multiplication, and effective prosecution support.

The goal of the summit was to help law enforcement and business leaders understand the benefits of this technology-based service, which is significantly improving the security levels of their communities.

Captain Nate Schmidt of Dublin Police Services was happy to hear of the benefits Remote Guarding brings to law enforcement. “This is a great new solution that would be very beneficial towards improving officer safety and saving us time towards investigating false alarms,” said Schmidt.

Increased officer safety is a result of Remote Guarding security agents remaining in contact with officers throughout an incident and providing live suspect descriptions, positions and warnings of possible weapons. In fact, Elite trains its agents to be live eye-witnesses to crimes in progress, which warrant a priority police response.  Additionally, Remote Guarding not only enhances officer safety, but also has the documented ability to increase the likelihood of an arrest and conviction. Arrest rates for police calls increase from less than 1% with burglar alarms to as high as 40% with Remote Guarding.

Remote Guarding represents a massive breakthrough in the use of technology in security services.  However, Elite’s VP of Security, Forensics and Engineering, Rudy Aragon, was quick to point out that it takes much more than technology alone to prevent crime. “Technology has never solved a crime on its own and never will. Having the right expertise is essential to creating a successful Remote Guarding solution. We take the time to combine security consulting, system design, state of the art technology, customized processes and highly trained agents into a solution that makes true crime prevention a reality,” said Aragon.

The summit attendees also included business owners and managers who interacted with law enforcement executives to learn how to improve security on their properties. Attendee Michael Clayton, Director of TAC Group was enthusiastic about what he learned.

“The summit was quite informative, and the application of Remote Guarding in various industries is very interesting. The quick response it generates from law enforcement would help reduce business losses significantly,” said Clayton.

Beyond generating enhanced police responsiveness, Remote Guarding has repeatedly shown the ability to dramatically increase crime prevention levels. The foundation of this revolutionary result is the capability of agents to speak directly to suspects via voice-downs that use speakers on the client property. These efforts, which most often engage trespassers and intruders before they even start their criminal activity, cause intruders to leave the premises nearly 97% of the time, reducing the need to call police. To date, Elite has prevented over 70,000 crimes and assisted in over 1,100 arrests.

Elite’s Law Enforcement Advisory Board works to deepen ties with and inform law enforcement agencies across the country on Remote Guarding. Keith Bushey, a member of the Elite Law Enforcement Advisory Board, presented many of the benefits at this year’s summit. “Law enforcement receives many benefits that help prevent crime and save on precious resources when property owners engage in Remote Guarding solutions. This summit helped illustrate how powerful collaboration between law enforcement and private industry can truly be,” said Bushey.

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