Elite Wins TMA's 2024 Monitoring Technology Marvel Award! (Click here for full details)
Elite Wins TMA's 2024 Monitoring Technology Marvel Award! (Click here for full details)

The answer to stop crime and keep residents safe

Tenant safety is top of mind for owners and managers of apartment, condominium and other multiunit residential complexes – and for good reason. Crimes such as violence and theft greatly reduce residents’ sense of security. A building that is ultimately seen as unsafe negatively impacts a community’s reputation score, which in turn adversely affects the tenant retention and occupancy rates that keep these assets profitable. Moreover, a lack of oversight leaves properties vulnerable to damaging claims and liability judgments.

Without the ability to prevent crime and settle disputes, communities experience a negative reputation from which it is difficult to recover. Unfortunately, the traditional means of securing multidwelling residential communities just don’t work. Security guards are not only expensive but are inherently limited in their coverage and effectiveness. And while access control systems can control parking and building access, such systems are easily thwarted by tailgating. Even video surveillance cameras are no longer effective these days with criminals realizing they are purely reactive solutions.

Elite Security Operations Command Center Crime Prevention (during 2023)

Elite Security Operations Command Center Crime Prevention (during 2023)

Multifamily Residential & Low-Income Housing



Voice-Down Preventions


Police Department Calls


Arrests/ Detainments


Percentage Police Calls Leading to Arrests/Detainments

No other security provider achieves the level of proven, data-backed crime prevention success accomplished by Elite. The patent-pending integration of leading-edge technologies monitored by expert security agents in partnership with law enforcement ensures response — and as indicated above, often detainments and arrests. Across all markets, in 2023 the Elite team prevented more than 72,877 criminal acts and assisted in more than 1,010 arrests/detainments. No one else even comes close.


Criminal Acts Directly Prevented in 2023


Elite Arrests/Detainments in 2023

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Allen Azran

Director of Security for Canyon Partners

“The technology is so flexible that it is able to protect a wide variety of properties.”