Sept 30, 2014, Los Angeles, CA – With the help of the latest innovative remote monitoring services provided by Elite ISI, one local car dealer in the San Francisco area thwarted thieves similar to the gang that recently got away with a massive auto theft, when twenty-two cars were stolen from other less protected Mercedes Benz dealerships in the region.
The recent rash of auto thefts by organized gangs in the San Francisco Area highlight the pitfalls of traditional security and alarm solutions. Auto dealerships, with millions of dollars of inventory sitting in the open and as close to potential customers as possible, face some of the greatest monitoring and security challenges of all commercial property owners.
Though the thieves at Elite’s client used the same methods that were successful at other dealerships, Elite’s Remote Guarding solution deterred the attempted theft to their Mercedes Benz customer. In fact, Elite’s remote agents actions directly resulted in an arrest that is providing authorities with assistance in identifying and hunting down the suspects involved in other successful car thefts in the area. Elite ISI’s Remote Guarding solution has thus proven to be a reliable, proactive form of crime prevention for any facility.
About Elite ISI
Elite’s interactive monitoring and security approach creates an “undercover digital guard” perimeter around the protected location. Rather than relying on ineffective human guards who would attempt to patrol an entire property, Elite uses the results from a forensic analysis to place 10 to 30 digital guards in strategic locations. Highly trained agents at Elite’s remote Command Center use the digital guarding system to identify intruders immediately upon their entry onto a client property, and to then speak to the trespassers, ordering them to leave the premises. More importantly, local police are mobilized if the need arises, where Law Enforcement agencies see the powerful benefit of calls from Elite’s highly trained, first responder eyewitnesses to a crime in progress that actively assist the responding police officers with live, real time audio/video support to safely apprehend the suspects.
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