December 1, 2015, Los Angeles, California – In an Elite Interactive Solutions report issued October 1, 2015, Elite ISI’s Remote Guarding service was able to stop false alarms to police for three months. This solution could save American taxpayers up to $5 billion dollars a year. In fact, up to 99% of all alarms received by police are false. That’s a total of over 35 million false alarms a year each costing tax payers about $142 per false alarm from:

  • Wasted time and manpower verifying the alarm is false
  • Reduced police visibility and increased criminal activity
  • Fewer police resources and reduced officer safety
  • Longer response times to genuine alarms
  • Reduced interdiction and fewer arrests
  • Greater losses and higher insurance premiums

“This is the alarm industry’s dirty little secret,” explains industry analyst Martin Refsal of Canary Connect, Inc. “They built a flawed system that police have to respond to and taxpayers have to pay for. And when something goes wrong, everyone but the alarm company foots the bill.”
The US commercial security system industry is now worth over $400 billion a year. This is four times higher than all US police department budgets combined. With record profits in 2014, commercial security companies continue to aggressively sell security monitoring solutions that send false alarms to police of up to 99% of the time.
But Elite ISI in Los Angeles eliminated all their clients’ false alarms for three consecutive months. In the referenced report, the last quarter of the company’s remote monitoring services processed over one million alerts. They not only stopped all false alarms to police, but of the 3,000 genuine alarms they warned off 97% of suspects without burdening authorities. They did this throughout the US using their video monitoring capability and communications systems from their remote command center.
Out of the one million alerts, police were called only 90 times! Police were able to make actual arrests for 10 of the 90 calls, resulting in a remarkable 10% arrest rate. Typical alarm generated arrest rates are less than 1%. Trained remote guarding agents in Elite’s command center provided first responders with live intelligence while en route and through to arrest. They described the suspects, their movements and weapon sightings; protecting police by ensuring they never walked into the unknown.
“Elite’s Remote Guarding solution finally tackles the fiasco of false alarms to police,” explains Keith Bushey, former LAPD Commander. “They even go one step farther by often stopping criminal behavior without burdening the police. This means that Remote Guarding could save taxpayers even more than five billion dollars a year. That’s private industry at work saving taxpayers, and making law enforcement safer and more efficient.”
Police across the US are getting to know Elite and are working closely with the command center’s specially trained remote agents. They know that if it’s an Elite alarm, it’s not only genuine but its live assistance that can save their lives and help them take real criminals off the street.
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