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Elite Parking Security Solutions

Advanced Remote Guarding Security System

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Significantly More Effective Than Traditional Security
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Stop False Alarms,
Prevent Crime Before It Happens.

  • Protect every inch of your parking facility
  • Deter theft, trespassers, and vandalism
  • Receive priority incident response from law enforcement
  • Prevent facility damage & fires

Effective Parking Security

Traditional security methods often fail to deter self-storage theft, trespassers and vandalism. Elite is different. We use advanced remote guarding technology and proprietary processes to protect your parking facility and actually prevent crime from happening.


If a threat is detected, our highly trained security agents are immediately alerted and take full command and control over the parking facility. These agents deter crime by actively communicating with intruders, warning them that police will be called if they do not vacate the premises.


When an agent determines a crime is imminent or in progress, agents call law enforcement as live eyewitnesses, confirming an active event and ensuring police respond with the highest priority possible.

Read Our Past Case Studies

Read Our Case Studies

Quality Security & Satisfied Clients

Parking facilities have unique security issues that can be difficult to solve with traditional methods such as security guards and alarm systems. Instead of responding to crime after it occurs, Remote Elite agents step into incidents live and in real time – stopping theft, trespassing, and vandalism from happening in the first place. Additionally, Remote Guarding solutions can monitor an entire parking facility simultaneously while protecting owners against storage fires and other liability issues. That’s a win-win. Check out our real client testimonials to learn more.

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