Elite has established professional relationships and earned endorsements — in part due to being the first U.S. security company to completely eliminate false alarms — with prominent law enforcement agencies and organizations. Because Elite is a well-known name among local police for only sending real emergency alerts, these calls receive a priority dispatch and response. As a result, Elite’s security solution prevents and stops crimes.

Law enforcement agencies trust Elite as a true partner that acts as an expert eyewitness to actual crimes in progress, sharing real-time safety and security information during incidents to protect officers in the line of duty. Among the most prominent law enforcement organizations aligned with Elite is FBI-LEEDA, widely recognized as one of the most respected and reputable groups in the United States. This partnership is the basis for three essential elements of Elite’s unrivaled remote guarding service and success…

Access to Training and Resources

The partnership with FBI-LEEDA has provided Elite with access to valuable training and resources related to law enforcement and security. This has helped Elite stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques in the industry, which has helped to provide better services to clients.

Improved Relationships with Law Enforcement

The alliance with FBI-LEEDA has helped establish and maintain deep and trusted collaborative relationships with law enforcement agencies. This has provided valuable feedback and insights on security issues and helped ensure a prompt and effective response to many security incidents.

Competitive Advantage

The endorsement from FBI-LEEDA has also provided a competitive advantage as compared to other security companies. It demonstrates that Elite is recognized and respected by law enforcement agencies and can provide better security services than its competitors.

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