Get Priority Response

How Does Elite’s Police Response Program Protect Your Business?

While Elite’s remote guarding solution remediates 96% of security alerts, there are significant incidents and crimes that require an immediate police response.

Elite partners with your local police department to integrate our verified crime alerts into their dispatch center.

Police respond immediately to your location with measurable results: Criminals are detained. Crimes are prevented.

“When Elite calls, the police come!”

Tom Konjoyan, The Village Christian School

Elite Remote Guarding detects a security event

A.I. analyzes and either promotes or stops the alert
Events are examined by Elite professionals
96% of events are managed by the Operations Center
Local police are dispatched for real crimes
Crime is stopped. Criminals are detained.

Elite’s Law Enforcement Partner Programs Drive Success

Law Enforcement Advisory Board

Partnering with Elite ensures that when a call goes out to law enforcement, they will act quickly and responsively. Elite is a well-known name among local PD for only calling in the event of a real emergency.


Composed of 6,000 chiefs of Police across the nation and is one of the most respected Law Enforcement Organizations in the nation. Elite is the only company to have met FBI-LEEDA Standards for security.

Expert Witness

Walking into a situation without all of the facts creates danger, especially for law enforcement. Elite removes the unknown from the equation and debriefs law enforcement with all of the knowledge they need to effectively defuse any situation.


Here’s what law enforcement has to say about how Elite stops crime.