Elite Wins TMA's 2024 Monitoring Technology Marvel Award! (Click here for full details)
Elite Wins TMA's 2024 Monitoring Technology Marvel Award! (Click here for full details)

When the company was founded in 2007, Elite Interactive Solutions was already far ahead of the security industry curve in offering a viable remote guarding service. Since then, an obsession with never-ending improvement and refinement has even more deeply entrenched Elite as the commanding market leader.

This commitment to excellence and uncompromising attention to detail has kept Elite at the forefront of true remote crime prevention. This speaks to Elite’s proven best practices, one of the four principal differentiators — along with patent-pending advanced technology, highly trained expert personnel and professional relationships with law enforcement — that especially the way they are uniquely combined places the company in a league of its own.

Elite’s three components of best remote guarding practices

Designing Success
  • In-person site analysis ensures the system’s successful design
  • Intelligent video and audio technology anchor your security solution
  • Constant, live monitoring by highly trained command center professionals
  • Immediate incident response and first responder support
A Holistic Security Solution
  • Eliminates vulnerabilities and mitigates risk
  • Reduces manned guard expense and personnel management
  • Surveils entire property and alerts to intrusions and anomalies
  • Remote, expert professionals ensure immediate action
  • Verified alert creates an immediate police response
Cost Effective and Efficient
  • Eliminates hiring, managing and training personnel
  • Streamlines processes and communications across your organization
  • Available video evidence, audits and reports for compliance or legal requirements
  • UL Certified Command Center guarantees Elite is “always working” for you

When proven best practices are paired with expert system design, advanced technologies, and proven processes ensure Elite stops crime at your business. Here’s four key benefits organizations receive when enlisting Elite’s total remote guarding solution: