Residential/Estates Security Solutions
Thanks to rising demand for high-end housing, the residential complex and estate industry has seen an exponential rise in the number of projects for residential building. Securing these growing number of gated communities and estates is a challenge that interactive remote guarding systems are prepared to address successfully. The traditional approach to using guards and or technology has proven itself ineffective as security guards are often caught taking breaks, sleeping, being out of position, or even making deals with criminals.  With Remote Guarding, dependence on human security guards is reduced to a minimum and they are monitored and directed by remote located agents.
Image result for residential construction trends 2017Analogously with the industrial/commercial business facilities, residential and estate sites are highly demanding when it comes to ensuring top notch cost effective and full loss prevention security. The biggest advantage of 100% interactive remote guarding is that it offers full command and control on every activity taking place at the site. Remote Guarding service providers, like Elite, turn regular surveillance equipment into high performing “digital guards” that never take breaks, go to sleep or make deals with criminals, and constantly analyze and scan live video.

Possible intruders or perpetrators are detected within a matter of seconds of arriving on a property and an immediate audio communication to them from remote guarding agents informs them they are being monitored. This leads to crime being immediately diffused as any criminal will move on to another, less protected facility.  Event response, damage control and loss prevention has never been so effective.
Elite Command Center
Custom digital guarding systems are without doubt what many residential properties have been missing. Those that are not already taking advantage of Remote Guarding are receiving significantly less security and paying much more than they should. Contact our team to learn more about Remote Guarding and receive a free custom consultation for your property
Remote Guarding Forensic Site Analysis Blueprint