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The average business owner or investor has some kind of security precaution in place, especially in the after hours when there are fewer deterrents to inhibit criminal activity. Traditional overnight security methods such as security guards, CCTVs, motion sensor lights, or even just fake cameras placed around the property are some of the common options people choose.
But as smart business owners are starting to realize, some of these antiquated security measures are no longer making the cut and Remote Guarding is quickly becoming the future of overnight security.
Remote Guarding utilizes a combination of cutting-edge technology, “digital guards”, highly trained security agents, and local law enforcement if and when necessary to minimize the potential of criminal activity. It is quickly becoming the most popular choice among commercial property owners to secure and protect their investments.

security cameraWhat is Remote Guarding?

Remote Guarding is a security system that utilizes a combination of methods to effectively analyze potential threats to a property. Cameras with highly advanced motion detection software (capable of recognizing a person or vehicle), are installed in strategic & vulnerable areas. Working in conjunction with these smart cameras, remotely-located security agents are immediately notified of any activity within a designated perimeter of the property.
Remote Guarding solutions
When these highly-trained agents are alerted to possible trespassers, intruders, or other suspicious activity, they enter the situation in real-time and determine the type of response to take. Remote Guarding systems have speakers that allow agents to give intruders a verbal warning that they are being watched. If they don’t leave the property, the security agent enlists the help of local law enforcement to resolve the problem.
Remote Guarding solutions can protect facilities well because they are customized to each properties unique needs. Consultants visit client properties and evaluate vulnerabilities with the management team, discussing where to best place monitoring devices for system efficacy.

The Issues with Traditional Forms of Security

False Alarms

A common frustration for both law enforcement and business owners are false alarms, which account for over 90% of security-related calls. Businesses can be fined for false alarms, with charges increasing upon each incident. This can be stressful for business owners, as these charges can eat into their profit margins, yet they are still in need of some kind of security measure in place.
Additionally, law enforcement coverage is often spread thin. Too many false alarms can lead to police taking a businesses security needs less seriously. When a legitimate emergency does occur, the perpetrators have often already done their damage and/or escaped by the time law enforcement arrives. Remote Guarding solutions expedite law enforcement response and make them high priority.
Ultimately, the entire community suffers from these false alarms and strained law enforcement response.

Unexpected Costs

In addition to a security guards’ paycheck and equipment, traditional security systems can also have unexpected costs. In worst-case scenarios, security guards are injured, the business suffers inventory loss, and/or damage is sustained to the property. The medical costs for guards, loss of inventory, property damage, deployment of law enforcement resources and possible fallout of legal expenses all add up. Even in the best-case scenario – a false alarm – expenses incur if law enforcement is dispatched. These, among others, are some of the primary issues that Remote Guarding was intended to address.

The Solutions Remote Guarding Brings 

Reduced Costs

Remote Guarding significantly reduce costs and is inherently much more effective than traditional security systems. For example, many clients that implement these solutions see their security costs cut in half. These reductions have come from the costs of security staff, inventory or property loss, and saving money on insurance premiums and deductibles.

Fewer False Alarms Live Arrest

Remote Guarding also reduces the risk and costs of false alarms, as professional security agents are able to assess threats before law enforcement is called. Even if intruders leave before law enforcement arrives, security cameras have their image captured on record, making them easier to track down and identify if needed.

Increased Efficiency & Better Relations with Law Enforcement

This significant reduction in false alarms is greatly appreciated by law enforcement, as it allows them to focus on real emergencies or crises. Better relationships are also developed between clients and law enforcement, as Remote Guarding solutions are highly reliable in providing accurate and real-time information to officers as they approach the scene. In short, it assists law enforcement in doing their job more effectively.
Decreasing cost combined with increased efficiency and success rates are just a few of the salient benefits to Remote Guarding. The fact that these systems are designed specifically to meet the individual needs of each property also contributes to the high success rates in preventing criminal activity on the property. With these dedicated third-party Remote Guarding system in place, it also removes the burden from property owners and allows them to focus more on the demands of their business. It is easy to see why many commercial property owners across the country are making the shift to Remote Guarding.

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