Securing distribution centers and warehouses around the United States can be a daunting task for any business owner or facility manager. Thanks to the countless amounts of valuable merchandise they hold, these properties are frequently targeted by thieves. Unfortunately, these criminals are also getting smarter and using new technologies to make their attacks more effective. Furthermore, threats can also come from inside a company, as employees can be tempted to steal from the vast amount of inventory stored therein.
Internal theft occurs when people that have a real reason to be on the property steal. These individuals could be regular employees, contractors, or even truck drivers. If any of these employees are unhappy or feel wronged by the company, the chances of them committing a crime drastically increase. In fact, collusion between employees has been a devastating source of loss to distribution centers and warehouses around the country for many years.
Unfortunately, it is very difficult for a human security guard to catch any of these crimes as they are just one person with one set of eyes. They simply cannot be everywhere at once.

How can companies fight back against these threats?

To do so, businesses will have to look past traditional security methods and seek out new solutions that can improve the security coverage of their facilities. One of the best decisions distribution center and warehouse managers can make is installing Remote Guarding on their properties. This solution focuses on protecting property during the night by using security agents, smart cameras, and military grade analytics. Additionally, Remote Guarding providers like Elite, also provide 24/7 video surveillance to businesses in case footage is needed at a later time.
Daily reports are essential for business owners looking to understand what incidents, if any, occurred overnight. Were police called in response to a trespasser? Were any thieves deterred from the property by Remote Guarding agents watching their every move? Remote Guarding solutions help managers and business owners sleep better at night, knowing their property is fully protected. Every morning, they receive a detailed overview of anything that happened on their property the night before.
Hardening the Target

Hardening the Target

Knowing that a facility is being actively monitored not only during the day, but even more so at night is a great deterrent in itself. Over the long term, Remote Guarding solutions have proven to reduce recurring crime. This happens because word gets out that highly trained security agents are watching everybody and military grade analytics can pick up and detect human movement anywhere on the property. By “hardening the target”, distribution centers and warehouses become much more difficult targets from criminals to plan an attack around. Rather than risk getting caught, they move onto other locations and leave the Remote Guarded facility alone.

Building a Comprehensive Security Solution

Companies like Elite can help distribution centers and warehouses build out a customized and comprehensive security solution for their company. Our consultants not only advise on the benefits of Remote Guarding, but also advise on other common sense steps business owners and managers can implement to make their facilities safer.
For example, some basic tips we give are:

  • Installing a quality access control system (preferably electronic) to gain information on exactly who entered and left vulnerable areas
  • Placing barriers between shipping and receiving areas
  • Creating a rule where only two or more people can be in valuable areas at a time (no alone time with merchandise)
  • Having a solid understanding of exactly where people are entering and exiting the building


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