Achieving incredible security can be a challenge when it comes to open scrap yards that are usually full of valuable materials. The average yard has minimal security measures in place, often depending on traditional methods like fences, human security guards and alarm systems. However, newer security solutions, such as Remote Guarding, can greatly improve security at scrap yards in many ways. Here are some situations in which Remote Guarding security solutions can help bring peace of mind to scrap yard owners:

problems with employees

Employees can also be a problem for scrap yard owners in a number of ways. Internal theft is a big problem that costs scrap yards across the country millions in lost revenue. Scrap yards also have potentially dangerous equipment that could be used improperly and result in injury and damage to both the employee and facility. Installing high quality surveillance equipment can greatly reduce loss from internal theft while creating an environment where employees feel safe and are more inclined to use proper safety procedures.

Overnight crime

Scrap yards are highly targeted facilities for criminals looking to steal valuable materials in the middle of the night. There is also a high likelihood of vandalism and trespassing if traditional security methods are the only barriers standing between the criminals and the scrap yard. Remote Guarding security agents have the ability to survey the entire facility st the same time, and also respond to crimes in real-time. This is vital to preventing crime and eliminating false alarms that  cost scrap yard owners and local law enforcement valuable time and resources.
Active Shooter Protection

Fires and Hazardous Materials

The potential for fires is high in scrap yard facilities. With tons of material lying around, a fire in the middle of the night could compromise the entire company and bring it to bankruptcy. Yards are also full of potentially hazardous materials that could become active and bring great damage to the yard. Having a Remote Guarding agent available at all times in the night can help prevent these fires and damaging incidents from occurring, while bringing a swift end to any that start due to arson or accident.

Remote Guarding Prevents Scrap Yard Crime

Remote Guarding is clearly the best solutions for scrap yards looking to improve security levels while also lowering their costs. To learn more, contact us by clicking here.