Los Angeles, CA | February 8, 2016 – Remote Guarding security is dramatically increasing school security . For schools, this means big savings by preventing after-hours theft, vandalism and loitering. This new and growing technology also provides schools with advanced protections in “active shooter” scenarios,  including 24/7 monitoring and strong alliances with police and other first responders. “Schools today face difficult security issues,” points out Aria Kozak, CEO of Elite Interactive Solutions. “The constant movement of students across a large campus, relatively easy public access, and extended after-school vacancy makes schools vulnerable to a wide variety of threats. We view physical security from the standpoint of crime and loss prevention, including real-time, live support during major security events. These advantages make us the obvious security choice for today’s schools.”
A Campus Made Safer
Village Christian School in Los Angeles was looking  to try a security solution that could more effectively address their campus security and safety problems . Elite analyzed the campus and put together a customized and thorough remote guarding security solution for the 110-acre school with over 1,100 students and staff. Using some of the most advanced monitoring and communications equipment, Remote Guarding security agents assessed campus threats, warned off intruders, and provided live tactical support to law enforcement first responders, and by-standers. “Prior to Elite, we had trespassers, vandalism, theft & unusual activity. After Elite, those issues have dropped to zero. Word has gotten out that the campus is monitored.” Said Mike Custer, Director of Facilities for Village Christian Schools. Crime dramatically dropped on campus and improved safety within the local community, creating a safe haven and a place for students to thrive.
Multi-Layered Protection Against Rising Campus Crime
Remote Guarding offers schools around the clock, multi-layered levels of threat protection and faster police response times. While theft and vandalism are important issues, recent shootings and threats have heightened public awareness of the need for increased security and protection of our nation’s most cherished resource – our youth. Schools are losing teaching time. Police are wasting precious resources. Students, teachers and parents are on edge. “School threats are a fast growing problem,” says Ken Trump, President of National School Safety and Security Services. “They send fear and panic through a community.”
Connecting Campuses with Law Enforcement
In Active Shooter situations, one of the key issues for Law Enforcement Professionals is the length of time taken by law enforcement to arrive on scene and locate the suspect(s). The frequency of false threats and alarms typically slows police response time. Thankfully, Remote Guarding command center agents eliminate false alarms to police. Additionally, since this technology provides full situational awareness within seconds of notification from the school, police consider a Remote Guarding security agent as a live eye-witness to a crime in progress.
By locking on and tracking intruders in real time remote agents also function as team members to security and police en-route or on-site, providing ongoing feedback on intruder location, description and activities. In addition, Remote Agents keep police appraised of the whereabouts of students and staff. Any door and gate access control system can also be used to assist in protecting at-risk lives. Real-time remotely executed actvities include opening, closing, locking, unlocking doors, gates and windows, as well as communication to staff, students and even the suspect (if appropriate). This speeds awareness, helps save lives, accelerates apprehension, and ensures collection and preservation of evidence.
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About Elite Interactive Solutions:

Elite was founded to enhance the safety, security and economic well being of security clients and is transforming the Security Guard and Monitoring industries by introducing Interactive Remote Guarding. Elite’s solutions involve highly trained professional Agents in our Security Operations Command Center, remotely managing customized, client facility-based Digital Guarding Systems and human security guards. Elite’s proprietary combination of systems and processes raise the bar from the antiquated notion that traditional electronic security, surveillance and guards alone can reduce crime.