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Protect your business 24/7, 365 days a year

Remote guarding, backed by military-grade machine learning and AI technology.

End Crime on your property

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Keith Bushey
Law Enforcement Advisory Board, Commander LAPD (ret)

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Security Solutions for Non-Stop Business Protection

Feel secure knowing our remote guarding security systems are always on and always watching to keep your property safe. 

Why work with us for remote guarding and monitoring:

  • 24/7/365 monitoring & alerting to detect suspicious activity and protect your property all day, everyday.


  • Highly trained agents to immediately communicate with criminals on-site to deter them before a crime is committed.


  • Priority response from local law enforcement for crimes in-progress with zero false alarms.

  • Reduce overall security costs by preventing vandalism, theft, graffiti and dumping.

Provide your property with the protection it needs – and have peace of mind knowing your business is secure with our remote guarding and monitoring services.

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Find Out How Real-Time Remote Guarding Can Protect Your Business

Artificial Intelligence

Elite cameras are equipped with military derived artificial intelligence software

Law Enforcement Protection

We pride ourselves on being the only Remote Guarding provider to have such deep ties with law enforcement

Priority Response

Remote Guarding represents the Internet of Things coming to the security industry

UL-Certified Command Center

Elite is proud to be a part of the UL effort to bring standards to the Remote Guarding Services industry

Real-Time Video Monitoring

Some property owners opt to install cameras, but not live monitoring.

Cybersecurity Protection

The internet is a dangerous place. Any device connected to the internet is subject to remote attack.

Get Proven Results with Remote Guarding Services

+350 Billion

In assets protected

7 Seconds

Average response time

False alarms

Deter Criminals With Professional Agents Backed By Real-World Experience

Feel confident that your security is being handled by agents with real-world expertise. All of our agents go through rigorous training to ensure they’re equipped to handle the toughest situations.

Using their law enforcement and military backgrounds, our agents respond quickly and can shut down security threats within minutes.

Law Enforcement Experience: 

  • Protect your property with our professional team of remote guarding officers who come from law enforcement and military backgrounds.

Fast Incident Response:

  • Our team of highly trained agents ensures someone is always available to respond to suspicious activity – our agents are able to respond to security incidents within seconds.

Eliminate Threats Before They Cost You

Crimes happen in an instant, and fast response times are crucial to protect your property and assets. 

Cutting edge remote guarding technology makes it easy to optimize your business security and respond to real security threats instantly –  with zero false alarms.

Pattern Recognition:

  • Machine learning can detect threats before they become a crime. Our remote guarding security systems use advanced AI and machine learning analytics to decipher false positives and focus only on real security threats.

Immediate Response:

  • AI identifies threats instantly and eliminates delays in response times. AI makes decisions in real time at the device-level and immediately alerts our agents to respond. 

Our Approach to Remote Security

Priority Response

Zero false alarms ensure priority law enforcement response.

Constant Security

24/7/365 monitoring for around-the-clock security.

Advanced Technology

Advanced cameras use military-grade AI and machine learning analytics.

Law Enforcement Advisory Board

Our partnership provides valuable insights into crime prevention and tactics.

Professional Agents

Agents with law enforcement or military backgrounds respond within seconds to security threats.

Superior Monitoring

Get professional security from our UL-certified command center.

Receive Priority Response from Law Enforcement When You Need It Most

Law enforcement officers give our clients priority response because our trained professionals call the police only when there’s a qualified security threat.

They’ll respond quickly every time, knowing that it’s not a false alarm.


Zero False Alarms:  


  • Improve safety for law enforcement. Minimize risks to officers and ensure fast response times through qualified security threats, and no false positives. Ever.


Agents Verify Security Threats Before Acting:

Traditional remote guarding companies rely on outdated recordings and alarms. Our agents verify threats first by responding to alerts to ensure priority police response.

Security Solutions Backed by a Senior Law Enforcement Advisory Board

Our Law Enforcement Advisory Board is composed of former Chiefs of Police and Senior Law Enforcement Officers to guide security solutions and ensure threats are handled properly.

We coordinate with local police departments to create effective strategies for handling any emergency situation.

Decades of Experience:


  • The Law Enforcement Advisory Board provides valuable insights into communicating and working with local law enforcement, along with insights into criminal activity. 


Collaboration with Local Law Enforcement:

  • Our advisory board works with local law enforcement to create effective security strategies and build a relationship that facilitates priority response.

Get 24/7/365 Remote Guarding You Can Trust

Protect your property and assets with state-of-the-art technology and immediate response.

Why work with us for remote virtual guarding:

  • Full site security analysis using proprietary technology to determine areas of vulnerability and threat.

  • Professional agents to communicate with law enforcement on-site to prevent crimes in-progress.

  • UL-certified command center is always fully equipped with trained agents who are ready to respond in seconds.

Safeguard your business with round-the-clock remote guarding & monitoring to detect security threats throughout your property. Contact Elite Interactive Solutions about our monitoring solutions today.

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