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Superior crime prevention without the cost

Eliminate false alarms, deter crime, and reduce police response times –  for less than the cost of a full-time security guard.

End Crime on your property

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Len Silvernail
Director of Facilities and Engineering at Rusnak Auto Group

Brands Protected by Elite’s Remote Video Monitoring Service:

Secure Your Property with Video Surveillance Monitoring Service

Eliminate crimes with a remote video monitoring and recording solution backed by industry experts

Why work with Elite for remote video monitoring services?

  • Maximize site security with full implementation of customized remote video monitoring systems.

  • Constant property surveillance 24/7/365 with machine learning and AI-powered video monitoring cameras.


  • Security video monitoring services that get priority police response to crimes in-progress.

  • Unmatched seven second response time to security threats that reduce overall security costs for your business.


Hope doesn’t stop crimes; live video monitoring solutions do. Protect your property with Elite Interactive Solutions.

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Our Video Security Monitoring Services - Proven Results

+350 Billion

In assets protected

7 Seconds

Response time to threats

Crimes prevented without police involvement

Business Owners Trust Us Over Other Why Remote Video Monitoring Companies

Len Silvernail
Director of Facilities and Engineering at Rusnak Auto Group

Elite will keep an eye on our property in real-time and assist the police when they come

Jeff Robinson
Owner and President at Scott Robinson Honda

Security guards are part of the problem. Elite watches our lot 24-7

Johnny Harrison
Vice President of Operations at Texas Automobile Leasing

Elite is not just our protector, they are a peace of mind

Professionally Staffed Security Monitoring Center

Feel at ease knowing that all the security cameras in your remote video monitoring system are being watched by a team of trained professionals 24/7/365 from a state-of-the-art security monitoring center. 

Trained Professionals Watch Over Your Property

  • Trained agents understand the information emergency responders need and how to translate events into language that police can use for effective response.

Unmatched Response Times

  • Within 7 seconds, AI software alerts our agents of threats to implement a plan of action. Most threats can be mitigated without police involvement.

Full Video Monitoring System Implementation

Get a commercial video monitoring system customized to your business. Elite professionals provide a thorough, full implementation of your camera system so you know it was installed right the first time.

Elite agents will perform a property inspection to identify risks and vulnerabilities and install video cameras to specifically address those needs.

Customized Video Monitoring Solutions

  • Mainstay systems are completely customized to fit your facility, addressing your unique risks and vulnerabilities to ensure maximum coverage and crime prevention.

Fast Surveillance System Implementation

  • Quick-deploy systems can be installed for temporary or immediate commercial remote video monitoring during special occasions, or for unique threats.

Elite’s Approach to Security

Full System Implementation

Professional installation customized for your property

Monitoring Center

Trained professionals are standing by to respond to threats.

24/7/365 Monitoring

Stay protected with round-the-clock video surveillance.

7-Second Response

Identify and reduce security risks with AI-powered detection software.

Priority Response

Work closely with law enforcement for faster response times.


Effective security that costs less than a full-time security guard.

Video Security Monitoring Services Powered by AI and Machine Learning

The faster threats are identified, the faster they can be resolved. That’s why we use state-of-the-art technology powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Our software analyzes video from your surveillance cameras to detect threats more accurately. This reduces unnecessary false alarms and supports faster response times from law enforcement.

Smart Video Analytics

  • Machine learning software reviews security footage and pinpoints what is, and what isn’t a risk, to eliminate false alarms.

Identify Various Threats

  • Advanced AI recognizes criminal activities like vandalism, trespassing, active shooters, and loitering to alert experts in seconds and prevent crimes before they happen.

Team of Certified Experts

All our video monitoring services are UL-certified to ensure the highest standards of professionalism and service. 

We believe our customers deserve the best, so that’s what we demand from our team.

Annual Third Party Audits

  • Elite completes annual UL certifications to ensure our customers continuously receive the highest-quality security camera monitoring services available.

An Industry Leader

  • The UL certification is the first of its kind in the security industry, which positions our systems at the forefront of remote video monitoring companies.

Boost Your Security with Real-Time Video Monitoring

Never worry about security threats again with high-tech monitored security systems backed by trained professionals.

Outdoor video monitoring of the highest standard:

  • Know your system was installed correctly with an in-depth site inspection and implementation.

  • State-of-the-art monitoring center staffed with security experts from military and law enforcement backgrounds.

  • 24/7/365 monitoring means you’re prepared for security threats at your most vulnerable times – any time of day or night.

  • You get priority police response because we never issue false alarms and communicate with dispatch to guide law enforcement on the ground level.

Optimize security on your property with automated video monitoring for commercial properties that provides active protection across your entire premises.

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