Remote Video Monitoring Services

Remote Video Monitoring Services 2018-06-29T15:04:34-08:00

The Remote Video Monitoring Difference

ULSimply installing cameras is not enough to prevent crime and truly increase security. Discover the difference that live remote video monitoring makes when it comes to securing your business or property.

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Proactive vs Reactive

Some property owners opt to install cameras, but not live monitoring. This “set it and forget it” approach only works after the fact. This reactive approach responds to events well after they have occurred, assuming that the event was identified. Without monitoring, an incident has to first be identified before checking back through hours of footage.

Also, when cameras are not audited often, complications may arise without the property owner knowing until it’s too late. They may run into complications like dirty lenses, foliage growth that obstructs the view, and other recording problems. More importantly, simply recording your property with cameras does not deter criminals.

With remote video monitoring, your property is proactively covered LIVE 24/7 by highly-trained security agents at our remote command center. These agents can interact with potential criminals in real-time using live audio communication. You can trust our agents to actively protect you and your property.

Elite's Remote Guarding Control Center
Remote Guarding Camera on side of Building

Remote Video Monitoring Service

Reduce costs, prevent crime, & increase the security of your property with Elite Interactive Solutions. Live, active surveillance by our remote guards deter crimes before they happen. You can avoid the dangerous Broken Windows Theory that occurs when communities cut corners on security.

The most costly mistake you can make is going cheap on your security.


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