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Elite’s primary focus is providing security consulting services to assist in the safety of your property. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the security industry, being able to monitor, detect, and prevent in real-time is just part of what makes us unique. By satisfying all phases of the operation — including forensics analysis, design and engineering, installation, operation, and monitoring — we will be there when you need us. Our initial Forensics and Threat Assessment is a key element to our services that serves as the foundation for designing every security system.

You have a large amount of staff, merchandise, assets, cargo, customers, guests, and surrounding community members to protect. Without an extensive and strategic security plan customized to meet your property’s needs, you could leave your property vulnerable to a variety of risks and crime. Our highly effective team will help you make informed security decisions and guide you through the physical, electronic, and cybersecurity considerations you have to make. By putting you and your assets at the forefront, we can ensure you are put on the right path to successful total security implementation.


Facial Recognition

Choosing the right biometric security solution has become a major decision for businesses, across industries. We can assist your business with the optimal choice.

Security Protocol and Handbook

Ensuring the safety of staff includes the investment of security systems, personnel along with processes and procedures to follow in case of incidents. We can advise on the best course plan to make this solutions a reality for your organization.

License Plate Recognition

Many business and property owners also need to keep tabs on cars that enter and exit their premises. If you are looking for a security camera to capture and record license plate numbers we can help.

Perimeter Protection

The Elite Security team can meet all levels of security applications with the most effective for protecting a property is to begin by securing the perimeter.

Video Review & Analysis

Our Elite Security experts have decades of cybersecurity specific experience and understand how to balance your business’ needs with compliance requirements, risk, and emerging threats. We recognize that security is a journey, not a destination.

Access Control

Incident and accident claims from customers or employees can be extremely expensive for your business and we can help you establish the right tool for you.

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As a single-source provider, Elite commits to delivery, operations, and maintenance of a fully integrated security solutions service. Let us show you how!

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