Security Guard Coordination:  One core element of Elite’s solutions involves its remote Agents working with and coordinating any Client’s onsite security guards. Though Elite’s security for business services allow clients to replace costly and ineffective guards with digital guards, Elite understands it cannot replace all guards in many cases. In those cases where onsite security guards are needed, Elite services include serving as the overall security coordinator for the client facility. For many clients, the value of remote oversight of onsite guarding by Elite Agents helps to maximize productivity of onsite guards due to local staff knowing they are being observed by our expert staff. Working with Elite’s Security Operations Command Center agents in this way helps minimize the potential for sweetheart deals local guards might engage in because of the inability of criminal elements to communicate effectively with remote, command center based agents. These benefits are true whether Elite’s agents provide complete command center management of onsite guards, or just provide oversight to onsite command centers operated by client guards.
Elite appreciates any client’s decision to operate their own command center. However, given the financial and operations commitment required to design, secure, manage and maintain highly trained agents and sophisticated systems, full assignment to Elite of the Command Center function provides clients a very cost effective option to building their own capability, and one that more effectively achieves security goals.
One additional point that differentiates Elite solutions from most home grown solutions, particularly if home grown solutions are executed by securing systems and operations as separate procurement processes, involves Elite’s expertise in and use of forensics analyses and threat assessment to develop the overall system design, and then use of ongoing methodologies for testing systems and processes for performance to forensics based design specifications, from system installation through digital guarding system operations and maintenance.