UL Issues First Managed Video Monitoring Services Certification for Remote Guarding via Command and Control

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — On Oct 4, 2016, Elite Interactive Solutions, Inc. (Elite) became the first company to receive UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certification for remote guarding services through the use of command and control. The certification requirement, which is found in UL 827 and 827B, is the first of its kind and positions Elite as a leader in the rapidly-growing managed remote guarding industry.

UL is a global leader in safety consulting and safety-related certifications. UL 827 B consists of standards documentation covering managed video surveillance providers that deliver security services by using live camera feeds and related technologies to form all or part of an electronic security system for a property or organization. Elite is a leader in implementing these systems, providing clients a service known as “remote guarding.”

Elite operates a secure command center where professionally trained guards perform remote video monitoring and  advanced surveillance systems to track potential threats, alert authorities, and provide real-time situational awareness for law enforcement or other relevant parties. According to the UL certification, this command center meets or exceeds all certification requirements.

“Elite is proud to be a part of the UL effort to bring standards to the Remote Guarding Services industry,” said Louis Hook, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Elite Interactive Solutions, Inc. “We are certainly excited about becoming the first certified service provider under the new Standard, but we are also looking forward to the growth in the number of Remote Guarding service providers that the UL Standard will generate.”

About Elite Interactive Solutions, Inc.

Elite is a remote guarding pioneer and leader in offering security solutions that provide clients with dramatically more effective security at greatly reduced costs when compared to traditional guard services. The proprietary combination of systems and processes help clients avoid losses and set new standards in crime prevention.  Many of Elite’s clients are the national and worldwide leaders in their industries. These companies have migrated to Elite from the largest guard and other traditional security companies to become highly satisfied Elite clients, experiencing never before seen levels of loss prevention results.

To learn more about Elite Interactive Solutions, Inc., please visit:http://eliteisi.com.

To verify our UL Certification, please refer to this page on the UL website: Elite Interactive Solutions UL Certification

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Remote Guarding 101 (SDM Magazine Interview with Aria Kozak)

A growing number of video service dealers, integrator and central stations are looking to move into video guard services, which are designed to deliver the benefits of an on-site guard without requiring customers to incur the expense of an on-site employee. To provide a better understanding of just what video guarding is and how dealers can use it to grow RMR, SDM spoke with Aria Kozak, CEO of Elite Interactive Solutions (www.EliteISI.com), based in Los Angeles, a provider of digital guarding services.

SDMWhat, exactly, is remote guarding and what are the key components that determine whether a service is remote guarding or something else?
Kozak: Remote guarding is a security service, combining site-based CCTV video cameras, video analytics software with Internet connectivity, and monitoring center-based security agents using sophisticated command, control and video/audio management systems. Potential threats are spotted by video analytic-armed cameras and automatically analyzed based on predefined criteria. When necessary, a security agent located in a remote center is alerted to assess the threat and take appropriate and immediate action to prevent or minimize damage or loss from occurring. Remote guarding is considered by some as the next innovation in security man-guarding, which has many inherent problems that limit effectiveness and keep costs high. Many of these limitations are solved with remote guarding, by better leveraging technology and utilizing a higher/different skill set of people.
Many companies claim to do remote guarding but very few actually do. Video verification, as an example, is merely an enhancement to the traditional alarm system by adding review of an image to verify trouble prior to calling law enforcement. Whereas, remote guarding replaces traditional guards or provides a force multiplication factor to the security guard industry by having highly-trained agents actually engaging intruders in real time.
Remote guarding requires a deep interconnection between the client site deployment and the central station command and control operations. Simply turning your camera system over to a traditional burglar alarm central station that has video capabilities does not work.
SDMHow can integrators who are looking to grow their recurring monthly revenue present remote guarding services to potential, new and/or existing customers?
Kozak: Integrators are learning about RMR, which is what enables companies to become cash cows throwing off consistent, predictable high margin revenue month-over-month while feeding their business with the capital that it needs to continue to grow and/or maximize their company’s exit valuation.
The best way for an integrator to grow their recurring monthly revenue is to find a strategic partner that is an expert in remote guarding and tap into that partner’s sales tools, marketing collateral, and most importantly intellectual capital on how to best design and deploy a system that can be most effectively monitored by a remote guard command center.
By adding remote guarding to their portfolio of services, they can tap into an incredible monthly recurring revenue stream with many future CCTV installations, particularly for clients with human guards that can be replaced or augmented. By approaching clients with an opportunity to turn a reactive camera system into a proactive security solution that prevents crime, many clients will welcome the knowledge that helps them both better secure their facility while saving costs on man-guarding labor.
We would recommend working with the right remote guarding service provider to:

  • design CCTV systems that work seamlessly with remote guard monitoring command centers;
  • provide information to the customer that monitored cameras will not only enhance security but actually lower security guard costs by deploying remote guarding;
  • go back to old customers and use remote guarding as a means to engage clients in upgrading security systems to support services that are preventative (not just reactionary); and
  • Help sell the remote guarding service on top of installation.

SDM: What should integrators look for in a partner who provides remote guarding services? How should they evaluate various providers and offerings?
Kozak: By partnering with an operations center that is an expert in remote guarding, integrators will tap into a strategic partnership that helps maximize RMR goals. Unlike alarm systems and video verification providers, remote guarding replaces (or enhances) security guards at high target (high risk) areas. This translates into significant recurring monthly fees, many times the alarm and video verification rates that still represent only a fraction of the cost of a security guard. The RMR accrues to integrators, while clients benefit from dramatic cost savings and significant increases in the effectiveness of their security.
Successful remote guarding providers must understand the significant interconnectivity between forensic analysis, design, engineering, systems selection, installation, and monitoring to effectively protect a location from tens or thousands of miles away. This interconnectivity and reliance on each element of the solution is key to remote agent’s ability to assess and engage all intruders in real time.
We recommend expanding their business into remote guarding with one of the leading providers, particularly if they work with companies that traditionally use guards and are looking to build RMR. At the same time, anyone claiming to provide remote guarding without utilizing this fully integrated approach cannot provide effective remote guarding and will fail to help generate substantial RMR.
We would recommend, looking for companies that meet the following criteria:

  • They own and operate a remote guarding command center (make sure to visit it), staffed with highly trained agents, who are using full command and control software.
  • They have a proven methodology they can share with you on how to design a security system that is most effective for protecting the property and providing remote guarding capability.
  • The level of discovery that the company exercises to test for the many types of variables, including performance in nighttime and outdoor conditions, will indicate the level of understanding they apply to creating effective remote guarding solutions.
  • Effective remote guarding requires a significant level of education to understand how to implement and operate it. Make sure you pick a partner that will support you and provide you with all the resources you need to educate your customer.
  • Talk to their customers. Any level of churn at this time is most likely indicative of a problem.

SDM: What else is important for integrators to know about remote guarding?
Kozak: If their customers use traditional guards today, then by introducing them to remote guarding, integrators can help them to dramatically impact both their security effectiveness and lower their security costs.
We strongly recommend they engage a remote guarding company that can walk you directly into the business of recurring monthly revenue. By engaging early, with a partner that knows how to help build their remote guarding business, they will have the opportunity to make only small changes to their video installation business that enables them to grab huge portions of the security market as it transitions from guards to remote guarding.

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Elite ISI Introduces Remote Guarding to CargoNet Members

On February 24, 2016 CargoNet’s 277 Charter Members were presented with new ways to protect their properties and assets. CargoNet, a division of Verisk Analytics is a national information sharing system to combat cargo theft. Their system enables more efficient, accurate, and timely sharing of theft information among victims, insurers and law enforcement. Industries that require outdoor exposure of major assets face serious physical security obstacles. Some of these include auto dealers, logistics companies, equipment and auto rental companies, freight and cargo companies. Estimated losses just in the cargo industry are over $50 billion a year.

The growing sophistication of criminals has driven outdoor asset theft into the billions. Through its national database of information sharing, CargoNet helps its members quickly report and often retrieve stolen assets including thefts by organized gangs. In 2014, CargoNet members reported nearly $90 million in stolen cargo with an average loss of $181,681 per incident. This was up over 25% from 2013. But many industry analysts suggest that this is really the tip of the iceberg. Unreported losses, they suggest, are likely many, many times these figures.

Vulnerable assets include:

  • Freight
  • Equipment
  • Rolling Stock
  • Construction
  • Property
  • Data

The main vulnerability of these assets is their mobility. Whether it’s trucking, equipment rental, logistics and warehouses, or loading areas, traditional security and alarm systems of property inside secure structures are not sufficient. The primary protection of outdoor assets has been fencing. And while many sophisticated advances have been made in hardening this barrier they are no match for organized sophisticated criminals.

Layered protection for perimeter security has been standard in the industry for many years but with the addition of remote guarding security perimeter security can be multiplied ten times. Elite Interactive Solutions is the industry leader in remote guardingsolutions. With hundreds of commercial accounts throughout the nation, Elite’s military grade command center is situated in one of the most secure underground bunkers in the world. Hiring and training ex-military or police, their remote agents are armed with 21st century technologies and processes that enable them to virtually guard hundreds of properties in real-time. Elite’s commercial client sites are virtually crime-free.

Elite is no stranger to protecting mobile assets. Starboard Cruise Services 180,000 square foot logistics center in Florida is now fully protected 24/7 by Elite’s comprehensive surveillance, remote monitoring and deterrence services. Elite’s unique security formula expands the limitations of traditional security systems by arming and protecting remotely located agentsusing advanced technological, procedural and crime fighting capabilities. Elite’s remote guarding generates unprecedented results, reduces costs, and keeps first responders from harm’s way.

The process begins with criminal forensic specialists who identify and rate assets, evaluate access potential, and assess historical and anticipated criminal behavior. A custom solution is then engineered to address the analysis findings and develop an interactive map for each client facility. The map supports a custom, military grade video monitoring system. The event-driven system automates the identification and reporting of security breaches, live and in real time. Live agents operate remotely from Elite’s Security Operations Command Center. From this vantage point, they have full command and control over all perimeter and interior breaches and other security events.

Specialized equipment and software automate the analysis of the live video, zooming in from hundreds of yards away and weeding out all non-threat breaches. Real suspect threats are engaged by the agent personally, who tracks and records the activity, and voices-down warnings to the suspect. This approach generates a dramatic 97% success rate in diffusing a possible crime by getting identified potential perpetrators to leave client premises immediately. If the suspect persists, the agent engages police. Law enforcement consider Elite agents as live eye-witness’s to a crime in progress, generating the highest level of response.

The agent remains in direct communication with first responders en-route and throughout the event, alerting them to the suspects’ descriptions, locations, movements, and whether any weapons have been seen. Because Elite stops all false alarms to police, helps protect their lives and assists in rapid interdiction, police are often on-scene within 2 or 3 minutes.

“We are witnessing the emergence of a disruptive innovation,” says Aria Kozak, President and CEO of Elite Interaction Solutions. “Our remote guarding solutions provide eyes on the property everywhere, all the time. Our digital guards never sleep, take breaks, or make deals with criminals. They zoom in on every detail, and intervene with authority.”

Elite ISI is the industry leader in Remote Guarding, a fully interactive, remotely operated virtual guard and digital guarding service. With hundreds of customers throughout the US, Elite provides the highest level of real estate, property, and personal safety security. Commercial accounts range from office buildings, warehouses, logistics, auto dealerships, apartment complexes, and many other industries. Contact Elite ISI at info@eliteinteractivesolutions.com. Or call 877-435-4832.

Remote Guarding Significantly Improves School Safety

Los Angeles, CA | February 8, 2016 – Remote Guarding security is dramatically increasing school security . For schools, this means big savings by preventing after-hours theft, vandalism and loitering. This new and growing technology also provides schools with advanced protections in “active shooter” scenarios,  including 24/7 monitoring and strong alliances with police and other first responders. “Schools today face difficult security issues,” points out Aria Kozak, CEO of Elite Interactive Solutions. “The constant movement of students across a large campus, relatively easy public access, and extended after-school vacancy makes schools vulnerable to a wide variety of threats. We view physical security from the standpoint of crime and loss prevention, including real-time, live support during major security events. These advantages make us the obvious security choice for today’s schools.”

A Campus Made Safer

Village Christian School in Los Angeles was looking  to try a security solution that could more effectively address their campus security and safety problems . Elite analyzed the campus and put together a customized and thorough remote guarding security solution for the 110-acre school with over 1,100 students and staff. Using some of the most advanced monitoring and communications equipment, Remote Guarding security agents assessed campus threats, warned off intruders, and provided live tactical support to law enforcement first responders, and by-standers. “Prior to Elite, we had trespassers, vandalism, theft & unusual activity. After Elite, those issues have dropped to zero. Word has gotten out that the campus is monitored.” Said Mike Custer, Director of Facilities for Village Christian Schools. Crime dramatically dropped on campus and improved safety within the local community, creating a safe haven and a place for students to thrive.


Multi-Layered Protection Against Rising Campus Crime

Remote Guarding offers schools around the clock, multi-layered levels of threat protection and faster police response times. While theft and vandalism are important issues, recent shootings and threats have heightened public awareness of the need for increased security and protection of our nation’s most cherished resource – our youth. Schools are losing teaching time. Police are wasting precious resources. Students, teachers and parents are on edge. “School threats are a fast growing problem,” says Ken Trump, President of National School Safety and Security Services. “They send fear and panic through a community.”

Connecting Campuses with Law Enforcement

In Active Shooter situations, one of the key issues for Law Enforcement Professionals is the length of time taken by law enforcement to arrive on scene and locate the suspect(s). The frequency of false threats and alarms typically slows police response time. Thankfully, Remote Guarding command center agents eliminate false alarms to police. Additionally, since this technology provides full situational awareness within seconds of notification from the school, police consider a Remote Guarding security agent as a live eye-witness to a crime in progress.

By locking on and tracking intruders in real time remote agents also function as team members to security and police en-route or on-site, providing ongoing feedback on intruder location, description and activities. In addition, Remote Agents keep police appraised of the whereabouts of students and staff. Any door and gate access control system can also be used to assist in protecting at-risk lives. Real-time remotely executed actvities include opening, closing, locking, unlocking doors, gates and windows, as well as communication to staff, students and even the suspect (if appropriate). This speeds awareness, helps save lives, accelerates apprehension, and ensures collection and preservation of evidence.

You can learn more about Village Christian’s success by downloading our case study here : [email-download download_id=”1″ contact_form_id=”1664″]

About Elite Interactive Solutions:

Elite was founded to enhance the safety, security and economic well being of security clients and is transforming the Security Guard and Monitoring industries by introducing Interactive Remote Guarding. Elite’s solutions involve highly trained professional Agents in our Security Operations Command Center, remotely managing customized, client facility-based Digital Guarding Systems and human security guards. Elite’s proprietary combination of systems and processes raise the bar from the antiquated notion that traditional electronic security, surveillance and guards alone can reduce crime.

Law Enforcement Embrace 2015 Remote Guarding Summit

Over 60 members of law enforcement executives, ranging from police chiefs to sergeants attended the nation’s first Remote Guarding Summit held in Los Angeles, December 3, 2015. Hosted by Elite ISI (www.eliteisi.com), the Summit was also supported by FBI-LEEDA (www.fbileeda.org), the nation’s leading law enforcement executive training organization. The Summit was designed to train law enforcement executives to better understand and work more closely with private industry remote guarding companies to improve service to their communities. The myriad benefits of this joint-effort include:

  • Elimination of false burglar alarms (?π to 99% of alarms are false)
  • Reduction of law enforcement calls for service, particularly for nuisance alerts, by deterring criminal activity before it happens
  • Enhancement of officer safety by providing real time situational updates to responding 
units for crimes in progress
  • Prompt delivery of high-grade audio/video coverage and available documentation to assist in prosecution

Every alert that comes into a remote guarding command center is overseen by highly trained remote agents who stop all false alarms. It is well known that up to 99% of all burglar alarms to law enforcement are false alarms (see Report Signals End to Nation’s False Alarm Fiasco, Government Security News, December 17, 2015) this benefit alone could save departments countless man hours and related costs. But remote guarding offers far more significant benefits to law enforcement.

Remote guarding is a very sophisticated commercial security process that integrates systems, software and security agents to deliver 10 times the security of traditional security systems at roughly half the cost. Based on a forensic property analysis, advanced video monitoring systems that are armed with military grade human detection software are strategically installed on the client’s site so remote guards can effectively protect the property.

With Remote Guarding, remote agents are notified and profile suspects and their actions , Using the client site based monitoring systems,. The highly trained agents determine whether to speak directly to the suspect via voice-down capability of the systems, which causes intruders to leave the premises 97% of the time, and to only dispatch law enforcement when necessary . Law enforcement consider remote agents calls to be trained, live eye-witnesses to crimes in progress, warranting priority police response.

The remote agent remains in contact with law enforcement throughout the event. They give them live suspect descriptions, positions and warn of possible firearms. The agent acts as a law enforcement liaison, not only enhancing officer safety but increasing the likelihood of an arrest. Arrest rates for police calls increase from less than 1% with burglar alarms to as high as 40% with remote guarding.

Jamboree Housing Corporation presented a case study to the Summit’s attendees highlighting the real-world benefits of remote guarding. Jamboree is the premier non-profit real estate developer of affordable housing (with enhanced resident services) in California. Elite Interactive Solutions provides remote guarding for Jamboree.

The case study focused on various incidents on one of Jamboree’s multi-family properties in Garden Grove, CA. Over the 3-year study police were saved over 1,880 times from receiving false alarm calls. The study also found the prevention of over 200 crimes by Elite’s agents’ through voice-downs, which chased off criminals. Of the amazingly reduced 20 calls to law enforcement for dispatch, there was a 40% arrest rate with 8 arrests.

“This illustrates the powerful coalition of law enforcement and private industry,” explained Keith Bushey. “Law enforcement receives many benefits that help prevent crime and save on precious resources when property owners engage in Remote Guarding solutions.”

Elite ISI is the industry leader in fully interactive, remotely operated Remote Guarding services, using virtual and digital guarding systems. With hundreds of customers throughout the US, Elite provides the highest level of real-estate, property, and personal safety security. Commercial accounts range from office buildings, warehouses, logistics, auto dealerships, apartment complexes, and many other industries. Contact Elite ISI at info@eliteinteractivesolutions.com. Or call 877-435-4832.


For more information please contact Brad Feldman at Elite Interactive Solutions. 1200 W. 7th Street, Suite L1-180, Los Angeles, CA 90017. 877.435.4832 www.eliteisi.com bfeldman@eliteisi.com.

Thought Leadership Interview with Aria Kozak, President and CEO of Elite ISI

Aria ThumbnailIn an exclusive interview on SecuritySolutionsWatch.com, Elite ISI’s President and CEO, Aria Kozak has shared his thoughts on the latest trends and innovations in the monitoring and security industry. His vast experience in the physical security industry for over 30 years brings an informed perspective on current and future industry trends. Known as the “Father of Remote Guarding”, Aria Kozak went into more details about the challenges ahead, how big losses are not being addressed by today’s security industry and how the advances in technology are constantly innovating commercial security.

Aria’s interview was featured in some of the most important publications nationwide, including CNN, Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal and many other major news outlets.

For a complete interview, please visit SecuritySolutionsWatch.com.

New “Elite ISI” Remote Guarding Solution Apprehends Local Car Thieves

Sept 30, 2014, Los Angeles, CA – With the help of the latest innovative remote monitoring services provided by Elite ISI, one local car dealer in the San Francisco area thwarted thieves similar to the gang that recently got away with a massive auto theft, when twenty-two cars were stolen from other less protected Mercedes Benz dealerships in the region.

The recent rash of auto thefts by organized gangs in the San Francisco Area highlight the pitfalls of traditional security and alarm solutions. Auto dealerships, with millions of dollars of inventory sitting in the open and as close to potential customers as possible, face some of the greatest monitoring and security challenges of all commercial property owners.

Though the thieves at Elite’s client used the same methods that were successful at other dealerships, Elite’s Remote Guarding solution deterred the attempted theft to their Mercedes Benz customer. In fact, Elite’s remote agents actions directly resulted in an arrest that is providing authorities with assistance in identifying and hunting down the suspects involved in other successful car thefts in the area. Elite ISI’s Remote Guarding solution has thus proven to be a reliable, proactive form of crime prevention for any facility.


About Elite ISI

Elite’s interactive monitoring and security approach creates an “undercover digital guard” perimeter around the protected location. Rather than relying on ineffective human guards who would attempt to patrol an entire property, Elite uses the results from a forensic analysis to place 10 to 30 digital guards in strategic locations. Highly trained agents at Elite’s remote Command Center use the digital guarding system to identify intruders immediately upon their entry onto a client property, and to then speak to the trespassers, ordering them to leave the premises. More importantly, local police are mobilized if the need arises, where Law Enforcement agencies see the powerful benefit of calls from Elite’s highly trained, first responder eyewitnesses to a crime in progress that actively assist the responding police officers with live, real time audio/video support to safely apprehend the suspects.

For further information on Remote Guarding, we encourage you to view video tutorials on http://eliteisi.com

Tom Stone Brings Extensive Experience to Elite ISI Advisory Board

September 10, 2014 Los Angeles, CA – Recently appointed to Elite ISI’s Remote Guarding Law Enforcement Advisory Board, Tom Stone will assist the Board in educating and training local, regional and national law enforcement agencies in the uses and benefits of Remote Guarding services. This unique solution prevents crime, saves law enforcement resources, enhances officer safety, and improves police results; all without cost to law enforcement.

Tom Stone brings extensive experience in local, regional and national law enforcement and public safety organizations to the Remote Guarding Law Enforcement Advisory Board. For over 20 years he served in various law enforcement roles as Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety. He has especially championed management-level education for law enforcement agencies and developed curriculum for police management and public safety courses nationwide. His areas of expertise include; (1) public safety management, (2) executive-level mentoring, problem-solving, and team building, (3) organizational and leadership development, and (4) development and evaluation of training programs.

As curriculum developer, past President of FBI-LEEDA (FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association) and its Executive Director, Tom has overseen the training of many of the association’s 6,000+ member professionals. He was named Executive Director Emeritus of FBI-LEEDA upon his retirement in 2013.

“We are extremely proud to have Tom join the other esteemed Law Enforcement Advisory Board Members,” says Aria Kozak, President and CEO of Elite ISI. “Each one brings considerable expertise, visibility, and passion to our company. Their ability to reach to all levels of law enforcement will also add to Elite ISI’s our ability to protect clients’ properties, prevent crime, and save lives.”

About Elite ISI
Elite is the nation’s premier Remote Monitoring Security provider. The company achieves dramatic results through its applications from criminal forensics and anti-terrorism. Rather than relying on equipment or human guards, Elite builds a “virtual fortress” around its clients’ properties. The company’s success is based on its proprietary integration of security consulting, security surveillance systems engineering and installation, along with evolved processes used by its highly trained staff. These remote agents operate from Elite’s Security Operations Command and control Center (SOCC). The result is a customized, live, fully interactive remote monitoring and intervention solution that stops crime.

Elite ISI Announces formation of the Remote Guarding Law Enforcement Advisory Board

August 28th, 2014, Los Angeles, CA – Elite ISI announces the formation of the Remote Guarding Law Enforcement Advisory Board. The founding members are Robert Parker, Keith Bushey, and Tom Stone. They were chosen based upon their extreme interest in, and understanding of the value of Remote Guarding to law enforcement. They bring a depth of experience, impressive careers, and leadership in law enforcement to the board. The role of the Board is educating and training local, regional and national law enforcement agencies in the uses and benefits of remote guarding. Future activities will include developing, instituting assessments and certification for compliance with Remote Guarding standards.

Elite currently partners with Police and Sheriff’s departments throughout the nation to dramatically improve the security of the company’s client properties. Board members understand and want to promote how Remote Guarding provides Law Enforcement with dramatic benefits without having to bear any of the cost. Elite’s unique ability to prevent crime, save law enforcement resources, enhance officer safety and generally improve police results resulted in the company being selected by FBI-LEEDA as the only monitoring and security company to educate and train its 6000 members on the benefits and uses of Remote Guarding. FBI-LEEDA is the nation’s leading law enforcement training association.

Robert Parker Sr. served the Miami-Dade Police Department for 33 years before retiring in 2009, after becoming the department’s Director in 2004. As Director of the Miami-Dade Police Department, he oversaw the 8th largest police department in the nation, with 4,700 personnel, a budget of $548 million, and the 2.4 million residents and visitors of Florida’s Miami-Dade County.

Keith Bushey, a 44-year veteran of law enforcement and the military, recently retired as Law Enforcement Liaison to Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley. He also served as Commander in the Los Angeles Police Department, a Deputy Chief in the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, and as a Colonel in the United States Marine Corps Reserve. He currently travels nationwide to train law enforcement professionals across the nation as a long time, senior lecturer for FBI-LEEDA.

Tom Stone substantially adds to the Board his extensive experience in local, regional and national law enforcement. For over 20 years he served in a number of Chief of Police, and Public Safety Director roles. As curriculum developer and past President of FBI-LEEDA (FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association), Tom has overseen the training of the association’s 6,000+ law enforcement and public safety members. He was named Executive Director Emeritus upon his retirement in 2013.

“We are extremely proud to have such esteemed Law Enforcement Advisory Board Members,” says Aria Kozak, President and CEO of Elite ISI. “Each one brings considerable expertise, visibility, and passion to the Board. Their ability to extend Remote Guarding’s reach to all levels of law enforcement will also add to Elite’s ability to protect our clients properties, prevent crime, and save lives.”

Elite’s remote monitoring services generates unprecedented results, reduces costs, and keeps first responders from harm’s way. Client properties range from office buildings, warehouses, logistics, auto dealerships, apartment complexes, and many other industries.

Elite ISI Proudly Announces the Appointment of Robert Parker Sr. as Chief Law Enforcement Advisor

July 22, 2014, Los Angeles, CA – Elite ISI proudly announces the appointment of Mr. Robert Parker Sr. as Chief Law Enforcement Advisor for its Florida Region. Initial activities will include Florida Regional Office Support, and will be joining Elite’s National Advisory Board.


Parker Sr. proudly served the Miami-Dade Police Department for 33 years before retiring in 2009; having become the department’s Director in 2004. As Director of the Miami-Dade Police Department, Parker was responsible for oversight of the 8th largest police department in the nation, with 4,700 personnel, a budget of $548 million, and service to the 2.4 million residents and visitors of Florida’s Miami-Dade County.  He also served as President of the Dade County Association of Chiefs of Police.


In addition to his duties at Elite ISI, Robert serves as a consultant and advisor to many organizations, including the Hillard Heintze Senior Leadership Council, Chairman of the Board of Chiefs with The U.S. Honor Network, and an affiliate and representative (as “The Face”) for the 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project.


“We are extremely proud to have Robert join our executive team,” says Elite’s President and CEO, Aria Kozak. “Our expanding visibility to customers and law enforcement will certainly benefit as a result of his assistance. Robert is certainly well-known and respected not only in the southeast but throughout the entire country.”


Elite’s remote monitoring solutions are well appreciated  by FBI-LEEDA, the premier Law Enforcement Association in the nation, which endorsed the company for “making the lives of law enforcement officers safer while reducing crime and losses”. Elite ISI was selected by FBI-LEEDA as the only monitoring and security partner to help provide training to FBI-LEEDA’s  6,000 police chiefs, sheriffs, and other senior law enforcement professionals on the benefits and effective uses of Remote Guarding.


About Elite ISI

Elite ISI is the nation’s premier Remote Guarding company. The company achieves its dramatic results using strategies from criminal forensics and anti-terrorism. Rather than relying on technology, equipment or human guards, Elite builds a “virtual fortress” around its clients’ properties. The company’s success is based on its proprietary integration of security consulting, systems engineering and installation, along with its remote monitoring security operations command and control center.  The result is a customized, live, interactive remote monitoring and intervention solution that stops crime.