September 10, 2014 Los Angeles, CA – Recently appointed to Elite ISI’s Remote Guarding Law Enforcement Advisory Board, Tom Stone will assist the Board in educating and training local, regional and national law enforcement agencies in the uses and benefits of Remote Guarding services. This unique solution prevents crime, saves law enforcement resources, enhances officer safety, and improves police results; all without cost to law enforcement.
Tom Stone brings extensive experience in local, regional and national law enforcement and public safety organizations to the Remote Guarding Law Enforcement Advisory Board. For over 20 years he served in various law enforcement roles as Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety. He has especially championed management-level education for law enforcement agencies and developed curriculum for police management and public safety courses nationwide. His areas of expertise include; (1) public safety management, (2) executive-level mentoring, problem-solving, and team building, (3) organizational and leadership development, and (4) development and evaluation of training programs.
As curriculum developer, past President of FBI-LEEDA (FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association) and its Executive Director, Tom has overseen the training of many of the association’s 6,000+ member professionals. He was named Executive Director Emeritus of FBI-LEEDA upon his retirement in 2013.
“We are extremely proud to have Tom join the other esteemed Law Enforcement Advisory Board Members,” says Aria Kozak, President and CEO of Elite ISI. “Each one brings considerable expertise, visibility, and passion to our company. Their ability to reach to all levels of law enforcement will also add to Elite ISI’s our ability to protect clients’ properties, prevent crime, and save lives.”
About Elite ISI
Elite is the nation’s premier Remote Monitoring Security provider. The company achieves dramatic results through its applications from criminal forensics and anti-terrorism. Rather than relying on equipment or human guards, Elite builds a “virtual fortress” around its clients’ properties. The company’s success is based on its proprietary integration of security consulting, security surveillance systems engineering and installation, along with evolved processes used by its highly trained staff. These remote agents operate from Elite’s Security Operations Command and control Center (SOCC). The result is a customized, live, fully interactive remote monitoring and intervention solution that stops crime.