Elite Wins TMA's 2024 Monitoring Technology Marvel Award! (Click here for full details)
Elite Wins TMA's 2024 Monitoring Technology Marvel Award! (Click here for full details)

The answer to combat rising crime and save costs

Over time, the deterrence factor of unmonitored surveillance cameras has become marginalized. Criminals are no longer put off by cameras and realize video images are not investigated by law enforcement. Security guards are an immediate, onsite solution, but they are expensive and contracted only to observe and report. They do not physically engage intruders, greatly limiting their effectiveness.

There were 942,173 vehicles stolen in 2022, up nearly 30% since 2019. Compounding the outright theft of automobiles is the soaring wave of car part thefts, particularly of catalytic converters thefts. According to insurance claims, that jumped from 16,660 cases in 2020 to a staggering 64,701 in 2022 — a crime that can take as little as 30 seconds.

A large percentage of these thefts take place at car dealerships, which suffer substantial financial losses as the result of stolen cars and parts, lost personnel time and rising insurance costs. The bottom line: it’s a loss of sales and revenue.


Elite Security Operations Command Center Crime Prevention (during 2023)

Elite Security Operations Command Center Crime Prevention (during 2023)

Auto Dealerships & Vehicles



Voice-Down Preventions


Police Department Calls




Percentage Police Calls Leading to Arrests/Detainments

No other security provider achieves the level of proven, data-backed crime prevention success accomplished by Elite. The patent-pending integration of leading-edge technologies monitored by expert security agents in partnership with law enforcement ensures response — and as indicated above, often detainments and arrests. Across all markets, in 2023 the Elite team prevented more than 72,877 criminal acts and assisted in more than 1,010 arrests/detainments. No one else even comes close.


Criminal Acts Directly Prevented in 2023


Elite Arrests/Detainments in 2023

Customers Share High Satisfaction

Video Testimonial
Len Silvernail

Director of Facilities and Engineering for Rusnak Auto Group

“There is never a time when someone wanders on the property and Elite does not catch it. They see everything. It is a fantastic service.”

Peter Boesen

VP/GM at Southbay BMW

“Their system is very effective. We finally have the results that we wanted in a security system. It’s given us peace of mind.”