What is Remote Guarding?

What is Remote Guarding? 2018-07-13T11:43:17-08:00

Remote Guarding

ULElite Interactive Solutions has been pioneering the field of Remote Guarding for decades. We created the first ever UL certified Remote Guarding command center to ensure true loss prevention for each of our clients throughout the United States.

So what exactly is Remote Guarding?

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What is Remote Guarding?

Elite’s Remote Guarding security solutions blend cutting-edge technology, time-tested processes, and experienced security professionals to prevent crime to an extent that is not possible using traditional security methodologies.


Elite cameras are equipped with military derived artificial intelligence software, capable of recognizing a person or vehicle, and are placed in strategic or vulnerable areas of your property. They work in conjunction with highly trained Remote Guarding agents to prevent and reduce crime.


Elite custom builds its Remote Guarding strategy from onsite forensic evaluations of your property to determine your specific security needs and vulnerabilities. After this, system tools are integrated onto the property, and Elite’s “digital guards” are activated. In case of unwanted activity on the property, these smart cameras alert Elite’s command center agents that a potential threat is present.

Everything in our command center is event driven, with agents responding to alerts from these AI based digital guards. Highly trained security agents analyze the situation in real-time by viewing the camera’s feed to determine the cause of the disturbance and evaluate the best course of action. In case of an intruder, Elite agents will do a voice down and warn the intruder to leave the property at once. If they do not comply, the agents will contact law enforcement and work with first responders to resolve the incident. Unlike traditional security systems, Elite’s goal is to prevent crime from happening by taking a proactive approach to security.


Elite’s security agents are comprised of highly-trained Remote Guarding professionals that hail from former military or law enforcement backgrounds. These agents work in tandem with Elite’s systems and technologies to deliver a thorough and proactive approach to crime prevention; a combination previously unseen in the security industry.

Remote Guarding Camera on side of Building
Elite's Remote Guarding Control Center


Video and Audio Recording and Monitoring

Digital Guards

Elite’s active “digital guards” are the eyes and ears on the ground and allow our Remote Guarding security agents to see, hear, and even communicate with a suspect, warning them they are under surveillance. During business hours when our security agents are not on active duty, the cameras are still rolling. Footage can help provide proof of any suspicious or criminal activity, plus help provide evidence for employees in incident or accident claims. Additionally, footage can be used to ensure compliance among employees with business policies or processes.

Military-Grade Artificial Intelligence

Elite’s Remote Guarding solutions integrate military-grade artificial intelligence that is able to identify potential threats within the established digital perimeter of your property. This artificial intelligence allows Elite’s digital guards to distinguish between normal and unusual activity on the property. They are able to alert our specialists to further analyze the situation and determine what course of action to take.

Military-Spec Algorithms
Experience Remote Guarding Professionals

A Team of Experienced Security Professionals

Our Remote Guarding security agents as well as the rest of our team and board members have had long and varied careers in security, public safety, law enforcement, and the military. Their extensive backgrounds help forensically design Elite’s strategy in protecting a property’s vulnerabilities, and reliably deliver when responding to security alerts.

Proactive Video Monitoring With Voice-Down Technology

Elite’s Remote Guarding Security Solutions not only monitor and track suspects in real time, but live audio communications allows our agents to warn suspects they are under surveillance and need to leave the property immediately. Additionally, in active shooter incidents, our Remote Guarding agents are able to communicate with staff or students and assist them to safety while monitoring the whereabouts of the suspect.

Crime Prevention Using Remote Guarding Example
Elite's Remote Guarding Control Center

Ultra Secure Remote Guarding Command Center

Elite’s Remote Guarding state of the art command center is located in Los Angeles, CA where it conducts operations nationwide. Our command center is the first to receive the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification, a distinguished certification. Recognition by UL designates Elite’s Remote Guarding Command Center as a leader in the Remote Guarding Services industry.

Trusted Partnership With Law Enforcement

Because Elite’s Remote Guarding security solutions are efficient and reliable, our client’s relationships with local law enforcement are highly improved. With fewer false alarms, law enforcement builds trusts with Elite’s security solutions and values the communication afforded prior to arrival on-scene, so they can best strategize their approach specific to the incident. Elite’s own Law Enforcement Advisory Board works to build these relationships to help both law enforcement and Elite conduct their work more effectively.

Trusted by Law Enforcement


Elite’s Remote Guarding solutions combine innovative security technologies, processes and people to reduce overall security costs and false alarms for clients. Elite’s clients have seen their security costs cut drastically, from reductions in the costs of a physical security staff, inventory or property loss, and saving money on their insurance premiums and deductibles. Additionally, incident or accident claims on your property by customers or employees can be verified from camera footage, which is easily accessible with Elite’s user-friendly interface.

Law enforcement recognizes Elite Interactive Solutions as a trusted partner in community safety. With our efficiency and ability to provide accurate information to officers arriving on-scene, Elite has been able to develop this crucial relationship, in addition to helping save lives, expedite suspect apprehension, and collect reliable evidence.



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