Most apartment buildings have vulnerabilities and holes in their security plans. This leaves residents open to a host of attacks by thieves, vandals, and trespassers. For example, apartment parking garages are regularly subject to car theft and damage, especially during overnight hours. Unfortunately, it is the residents that pay the price when these incidents occur, having to pay for broken windows, stolen sound systems, or even stolen cars. Property managers can suffer from a poorly performing apartment security system as well. Individuals can claim fraudulent lawsuits by stating that they “slipped” or hurt themselves due to facility flaws made by the property management company. Situations like this can cause major disputes and lead to hefty payments for incidents that may have never even occurred. So what can be done to improve apartment security systems and protect both residents and managers?

apartment security system analytic

Remote Guarding digital guards can detect unwanted intruders

Eliminating Apartment Security Gaps

One great solution is Remote Guarding security. This system works specifically during high-risk overnight hours to cover any gaps in security and boost protection levels for the entire property. Human security guards work hard, but even the best ones cannot monitor all parts of the property at the same time. Remote Guarding solutions fill in protection gaps like this by integrating “Digital Guards” throughout the property. These cameras are integrated with artificial intelligence that enables them to detect any unwanted intruders that make their way onto the facility. These digital guards never sleep and are able to cover the entire perimeter for hours without taking a single break.

Lowering Risk & Liability Levels

In addition to overnight protection, Remote Guarding cameras record activity 24/7. This means that any incident or dispute that happens on the property will be recorded in high definition and available for management to review in case evidence is needed to resolve the issue. This footage can be invaluable to property managers looking to lower their risk and liability levels while providing a fair and accurate way to manage disputes.

Pro-Active Solutions Prevent Housing Crime

Often times, law enforcement response to incidents can be delayed or slow. This can happen for various reasons such as lack of immediate communication with local agencies or post-incident verification of a crime. Remote Guarding security solutions also help cover the gaps in these situations. Digital guard cameras immediately send any intruder alerts to highly trained human security agents working remotely at a command center. These agents are able to step into any situation in real-time and work with law enforcement officers to resolve the incident or make an arrest. By taking a pro-active approach, Remote Guarding solutions are often able to prevent crime before it happens, instead of just dealing with the aftermath of a dangerous crime. Over time, this approach actually discourages future criminal activity from occurring. As local criminals and trespassers realize that the security gaps they exploited in the past have closed, they stop targeting the apartment building and move their efforts to other, more vulnerable properties.

Remote Guarding security agents

Remote Guarding agents work all night to resolve incidents in real-time

Positive Ripple Effects of Improved Apartment Security

Giving your apartment security system a boost can have incredibly positive effects on the apartment building and everybody involved in its activities. As crime goes down more and more, residents will start to feel safer at home. They may start taking their children outside more often or go for walks at night with greater peace of mind. Property managers will start noticing a drop in fraudulent lawsuits and a greatly improved system for resolving disputes. Property values can even rise due to an increased level of security, which can lead to lower insurance payments for the facility.
Thanks to innovations in the security industry, solutions like Remote Guarding are making a big impact in housing communities. By integrating tools and methods that address a properties vulnerabilities, security levels and protections can rise significantly. Dealing with security issues in a pro-active manner is just a smarter and more efficient way to protect residents and employees in housing communities. As more apartment buildings incorporate Remote Guarding solutions throughout the country, residents will continue to see a rise in their protection levels and peace of mind.

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